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Monday, June 21, 2010

Fields of Wildflowers

KP, baby h and I went riding around one evening and as we topped a hill we drove right onto a field of wildflowers. The site was stunning. My pictures probably don't do it justice but I wanted to share them with you.

I went back the next morning and caught the scene just after sunrise.

Hope you enjoy.

As I drove through the pastures I saw the cows begin to make their way to their favorite grazing spots.

I found this little youngster, he's cute in a bully sort of way.

You can see the field of wildflowers just past the canyon.

See it?

There it is again, just over the hills.

follow the tracks, we're almost there,

through the wild plume thicket,

and here we are. :))

and now for some computer editing fun

Camp Decor

From humble beginnings to better than it looks in the pictures, we got together and volunteered our time and things to decorate a dinner for an unsuspecting group of ladies.

The thought was to hang lattice from the ceiling and hang greenery, wisteria and lights. Since we are all going through tighter budgets we decided to make something to replace the lattice. I had the chicken wire in my craft room and decided to build the frames from thin strips and staples. A little spray paint later and here is what we started with.

The room is not a pretty room and makes it kind of hard to create something fancy. But when the lights are turned off and the candles are lighted everything looks better.

We used everything we could thing of; Chinese lanterns, ribbons, greenery, an arbor, Sheppard hooks that had cute little battery operated chandeliers hanging off, a water fountain, two separate wedding decorations, and a little blog land crafts and just filled the room up.

Notice the ball of white roses hanging from the arbor? Thank you House of Smith blog.

The table was set simply. We have to use plastic silver ware and paper plates but I would love to do a shabby chic theme with real plates and silver ware and lots and lots of cloth.

Check out the napkin rings.

This is my version of the flowers that have been featured on several blogs. I combined different ideas. I started with burlap, painted it to give it some structure, then used linen and fabric to create the flower. Then I saw an idea where scraps were used to add movement and texture. I love the rolled shabby roses and when I saw the crepe paper version I knew I had to make some of those. So I put all three together and came up with these.

They have a pin on the back so that they could be used as a broach for a lapel or be pinned on a purse of whatever their little heart desires.

We wanted to come together to create a special evening for a group of women who may have never been treated to such extravagant love.

After all that's what God's love is.


Be still and know that I AM God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth. Ps. 46:10

What I love about God's word is there is no doubt about what he says. There's no maybe or I might be. God tells us, Be still. Know this. I AM God. I will be. Statements to hang your hat on for sure.

Be blessed as you ponder all that God is.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Saga of the Little Vanity

I don't llike it and I don't wwant it!!! But I'm afraid I've earned it and I deserve it. I've titled "it" the "I've been a Bad Blogger Lately Baby Award, okay". Anyone heard the Zac Brown Band CD? It has a really cute song on it called "It's Not Okay." okay.

I usually try to ignore the fact that I haven't blogged lately and just jump right in there like I own this place or something. But the thing is I have had a lot good blogging opportunities going on and things to show you, which really just means I am missing the boat here.

So I say, let's do this thing, okay. Okay.

Oh yea one more thing, I'm breaking my little promise to not show unfinished projects but, I want to, so there, besides I have an award to get rid of. Hello.

These are some of the cast of characters present at the scene.

Good looking aren't they. They reminded me of the cabinet I had made for the living room to house the DVD player and Satellite reciever and all that stuff. It was and is a pretty little cabinet and after the carpenter had finish with it we put it in place. Then the painter walks over and starts to beat on it. I look around and caught a tear escaping the carpenter's eye. He asked me, "what did that little cabinet ever do to you to have it beat up that way"?

Awe that's just a sweet story.

A few dents and dings gave it some character. Everytime I spell that word I hear my 7th grade teacher Mrs. Wrenn say char acter with the hard ch sound. Hi Mrs. Wrenn, hope your doing fine. :)) Funny how teacher's really do impress upon and stay with us for life. Char actor.

Hello darling, this is the vanity is for my guest bathroom, the holes are for the vessel sink and the plumbing trap part. Technical jargon, I'm good at that.

Looking good.

The one thing I learned during this project is staining is EASY!! I'm saying stupid easy. Sorry, hope I didn't offend anyone who has had problems with staining, but you know compared to painting this was, "why haven't I been doing this already where have you been my whole life" easy.

Then came the sealing part. Not so easy. I have put on it on and sanded it off 6 time. SIX. I thought about lying to you and saying four but what the heck you might as well know the truth, it's been bad. It's looks perfect with the first coat, then I sand lightly to get rid of any little bubbles and to open it back up for the second coat and that's when all hell breaks loose. Excuse my language but six times folks, I'm just sayin.

I put the second coat on and I come back to find that it has sagged in a couple of places. Then the next time I had problems with it skipping and leaving uneven spots, then it sagged and skipped ..... I figured I had messed this thing up pretty good. So I decided to stripped it back down and start over, but only on the very top piece. The legs and the bottom shelf looked good. I covered it to protected it from the stripping agent which by the way was citrus stripper, smells like orange and works beautifully. Thank you blog land for that little tip.

As of this evening this little beauty looks like this.

Oh my.

That's the story
of my little table
because it's gotten
too hot for meee
and I am la-a-a-zy.

so my little table
sits all alone
and I hope no guest
come to visit me
cause then I'll have to sweat
la - la - la ?? um - um um ummm
in the garage with the oldies. ???? :))

Sorry bout that. Welcome to my world. Just be glad you are not one of my kids. I can't sing a lick and I sing that lick reeaal bad and reeaal loud.

In Jr. High my band teacher asked me to just pretend I was playing and I was glad to do it, too. I did however, realize in that monemt that band was probably not in my high school future.

Later I decided that if I was going to sing bad I'd sing bad real good and proud. So some mornings when one of the kids was hard to wake up (Jeremy) I would stand beside his bed and make up a song. It would start with "rise and shine" and then who knows what would come out of my brain after that. But it was fun and it made him laugh, he got up and we had a good day. Good times.

Hope you guys are having good times, simple moments that have a way of sticking with you.

See ya. :))

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