Sunday, January 31, 2010

More Winter Pics

Check out this guy.  I was so surprised when I saw him.  But as I watched I noticed that he seemed to be limping.
And as he got closer I saw the ice covering his antlers.
These guys were with him but they were much more suspicious of me.
He didn't seem to care, I don't think he feels so good, also if the ice on his antlers is not showing up, try clicking on the photo, it should enlarge it on your screen and you may be able to see it.
I ran back into these guys again later in the day.
Again this guy was posturing aggressively towards me.  If you could see the close up of his face, it looks like his lips are pressed together and he is staring intently at me.  I am not that close to him, I have my telephoto lens on.
I have taken to calling the one that continues to eat the "old guy".  
These three younger ones get the heck out of there and the old guy......
is fine with just keeping an eye on me.

One thing I love about snow on the ground is seeing the animal tracks, see the little bird tracks, aren't they cute.  If I said that to my husband he would give me one of those looks and shake his head.  

Rabbit.  Cute little rabbit tracks.  

Cat!!!   Big cat tracks!!
Run, rabbit run!!!!    !!!!!!!
I'm assuming the rabbit got away, in fact I am going with the story line that the cat and the rabbit were nowhere near each other, they both came for water at different times.  Yea, that's it.  In fact that probably is it.  These gigantic tracks belong to 

I love watching the turkeys, they look funny when they run down the road.  They are very hard to photograph because they run when you show up and I can never get in as close as I want and they fly.  I want a picture of them flying so bad, it's way cool looking.  Someday.

I was so amazed at the sunlight and the ice, it looked like the pastures were glittered with crystals.  It was beautiful everywhere I looked.  

I hope these pictures conveyed some of that for you.  :)
Hadley came with me on her first adventure, we brought Mommy with us for moral support.  And extra hands and I like her too.  She likes to go out with me cause we might go mudding.  Not on purpose, of course, but sometimes things just happen.

Her first driving lesson.
What a great picture for a jeep commercial.

I didn't think about the taking pictures of how muddy the jeep got, I tried not to get in to deep anywhere.  Walking home with a baby in tow, not good.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Winter Scapes

Whew, that was quite the storm.  What a difference a day makes.   I can't help but think about what folks went through back in the day.  No weather forecasters to tell you whats coming days ahead of time.  No time to buy groceries, fill the car up, have your cell phones charged and stack up the firewood.  Of course, it could be mentioned that they didn't really need grocery stores, they had cellars with all their canned goods.  And they didn't have cell phones and most likely didn't need to fill up their cars. But whatever, they still didn't know it was coming and I did so I'm thankful for that.  So, Thank You Lord, thank You for fire, and fireplaces, and blankets and weather forecasters.  And Jesus.    

The freezing rains blew in late Wednesday night and lasted all day Thursday.  We lost electricity around 11:00 a.m. and it came back on around 7:00 p.m.  I think we were very fortunate.  And also I am thankful for fire and fireplaces...I said that. Yea, especially for fireplaces, fire without fire places - not as good.   

Poor girls they look really cold.  
But we must remember they have thick hides and hair and they are built for this kind of stuff.  In the wild they would not have a rancher breaking ice and feeding them hay. 

They are not people they are cows........well these are heifers.

Look closely, there are a couple little birds in this bush.

Horses are frisky no matter what the weather is like.

And beautiful.

Be safe, stay warm, I pray you don't lose your electricity.
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