Sunday, August 30, 2009

Change is in the Air

I can feel the cooler weather coming on.  I always do this at the end of a season.  I get in a rush for the changing season that's coming.  Here in Texas it will stay summer for two more months and some of the third.  I love it though, Indian Summer is my favorite time of year.  School starts back, the nights begin to cool off and the morning's air has a crispness to it.  Makes coffee sipping soooo good.  It happens at the end of winter and summer, every year.  We will have a quick change in the weather and I begin to gear up for the changing season, then it comes back and seems to linger on.  

I have discovered that I am a nester.  If you go into my living room on any given night you will find it.  I have a pile of magazines, a blanket, something to drink, a snack, maybe a book to read and the tv on.  My nest.  

So, maybe my mind is always on nesting.  At this time of the year I begin to long for fires in the fireplace, warm coppery colors, soups and layers of clothing.  Come on fall.  

I'm also looking for things to layer my home in.  Check out Pottery Barn's new catalog.  I love their baskets.  I'm ready to gear up for fall decorating.

I found this new website on paint finishes and I am loving this stuff.  Looks like my eyes are turning more and more back to my love of paint and furniture.  I have bought a few pieces of painted furniture but always think "I can do that."  

I have a new project that I will unveil tomorrow.  It was built for me, I found a picture of it in a mag and had a friend build it.  We changed some things, that makes it mine and I hired a new friend to do the finishing.  Hence the "I know I can do this" after watching her.  I'm ready to take the plunge, get my hands dirty and turn some of my jeans into painting pants.  I am reverting back to a place I used to be in.  In my former life, I sold real estate and that morphed into buying old houses and redoing them.  I was not very profitable at either of those fields. Mainly because I did the redo's alone and to my taste, which both translates into "took a long time" and in the selling department, I could not overcome objections and that translates into no pay.  Hello.  I know, strike that, think I would be better at those things now, but I don't want to.  Smaller projects are much more friendly, I'll stick with that.  

Also, I have some ideas about what to do with this blog.  I feel the need to focus more on where my interest really are. I have held back in this area but I am planning some events to hopefully spark more imagination here on the ranch and to be more interactive with others.  I am a perfectionist, it took along time for me to overcome the fact that I can not be professional at everything (translation, anything) I do.  It use to paralyze me from trying to do anything.  I still struggle with that to this day, but I have overcome the paralyzing part, so I think I'll take a new step.  Now if I can just stay focused.  Hopefully the ADD part of me won't be too distracting.  I describe that as an attraction to shiny things, always grabbing my attention. 

And, I feel the need for a blog makeover.  This time, I'm wanting a professional one.  

Change, it is a coming, but that's a good thing.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Just a Post

I was wondering around blog land, going from one to the next looking for something to inspire me.  I found it and plenty more.  

I started with Just A Girl and then . . . when I landed on Beneath My Heart everything stopped. 

It was not about something to fill my time or work to do with my hands although those two things are good things, it became about something much more grand.  
It became about the one thing that will never change.  It became about Love.  Times may change and people may think they change, but there is one thing that remains the same and that is the heart and it's need for love.  
It loved us first.   It has no fear.  It covers a multitude of sins.  
It brought me to redemption. It surpasses understanding. 
 It never puffs up but always builds up.  It quiets.  
It's unfailing.  It is patient.  It is kind.  It does not envy.  
It is not proud.  It is not rude, it does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.  
It always protects, always trust, always hopes, always perseveres.  
It is the greatest.  It is what all the songs are about.  It binds us together.  
It produces "liquid prayers."  
It is the only thing that goes with us to heaven.      

I was encouraged and blessed and crying . . . and was given a jewel that will always stay in my heart.  I hope you go there and read her post for today.  I think you will be encouraged to. 


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Craft Room

Thanks to Misty at Studio M Designs, she is featuring my craft room today.  So if you have come from Studio M, please click here to see the craft room post that I like the most.  And the one that caught Misty's eye.  Thank you.  

If you like looking at other peoples grandkids, please feel free to scroll down.  I kind of like um and would be honored to hear your oohs and aahs, :)   

This week I featured most of my grand babies.  Two of them are not featured but in honor of my mom and dad who couldn't be here when baby Hadley arrived, I dedicated this week to catching them up on the most recent pictures.

They couldn't stand it, however, so they are loading up tomorrow and making the trek across Texas to come see for themselves.  haha poor daddy, he says he's down in his right hip and mom is down in her left hip.  I guess if they plan it out just right they can balance each other out.  


See ya.   

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

No So Wordless Wednesday

The Big Kids

These are the oldest of our grandchildren.  They have a special bond and friendship.  Caleb and Sarah are brother and sister and in this picture; K-bob done messed up and sister told him about it!  I know, I saw through the lens of my camera.  He messed with baby Anah in a way that she didn't approve of and she let him know.  

It was quiet impressive, really.  She never raised her voice and she never looked away, just told him and made it stick.  He, however, pouted.  Funny how boys and girls are wired.  Remember this when you see your husband getting a little too distant, could be you "told him" and he's pouting.  
Tyler, on the other hand was just glad it wasn't his turn.  haha

True to form, though, they were all happy again and we were off.

Suddenly, we notice brother's hair is messed up.

 Mom to the rescue.  Fortunately, for him, there was water nearby.

Now, that's my smiley faced boy.

The thing that I love about these kiddo's, is the hope that one day they will stand at each other's wedding and say, "I have known you my whole life and I remember when we ___"
I think relationships that are formed early in life and are nurtured through the years are special and few have them.  
They truly love each other.

When Sarah and Caleb come to my house, Tyler tells his dad, "bye, I'll be home when Sarah and K-bob go home."
Tyler is one who named Caleb, K-bob.

That's all folks.  Bye now.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What a Week - Part Three, Anah

She's growing to fast for this Nanoo.  She is almost 5 months old and she can almost sit up!  She's rolling over from back to front and front to back (some), she is a happy, happy girl, beautiful expressive face and the cutest smile.  

Ooh good uns. Hi Mom :)

See, she lifts her head and chest up

and with her feet

  she can lift up her bottom.

she scoots in a circle

and she drools all day long, can you say, teeth, anyone?

hey Momma, I'm ready for that bottle!

Anah discovers that Papaw's have mustaches!

that tickles.
smiley face

Thank you.  More to come, (sorry).

Friday, August 21, 2009

What a Week

I was a busy grandma last week and I took so many pictures that I don't know how I am going to use them all.  They are pictures that only a momma would love.  My momma, that is.  Since she lives to far away to get here, Mom this week is for you.  I hope the rest of you will indulge us just a bit while we gush over the grandkids.   And their parents.

First installment, Daddy.  He's a good'un.

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