Thursday, December 31, 2009

Update on my Honey

We're struggling a bit.  I announced a while back that my husband had been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.  We've had two chemo treatments and everything is going well but he is also a diabetic and some of the medications he was taking to control nausea causes his blood sugar levels to rise.  Dramatically.  So we've been struggling lately.  The doctors have put him on insulin shots, he was on pills before, to control his blood sugar. 

 His hair is falling out.  We've had many conversations about the fact that he does not have much hair. I tell him he looks good to me. Mainly, he has conversates, I listen.  But I like it that way.  I like listening to him talk.  Might as well, that's how our relationship started out.  He talked, I listened, he thought I was the smartest thing he had ever ran into.  There's some wisdom for you.  Silence, be fluent in this language it'll take you places.

  But still I know he is surprised by what he sees in the mirror.  I am encouraged to be able to say that he still has an excellent attitude.  It snowed this morning and we still haven't melted the snow from a week ago so he is burning brush piles.  The man is right in his element.  Set him free, put him in the back pasture and he is a happy man.  

So this is just a little post to let any of you who know, who stop by, where are with his treatments.  Cause you asked and as weird as it seems to others outside blogland, it matters to us.  We're friends.  When we are away from each other, we wonder.  We start looking at our lives differently and think "ooh that will make a good post", we need the rest of the story.  

Maybe someday I should tell you more about how we met and the things he has taught me.  

Not today, though sorry for the tease.  Company's coming and I have got to finish cleaning and get some supper cooking.  


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Salty Dog

The other day we needed to gather some momma cow's and their babies.  This can be hard to do because sometimes the calves will get tired and lay down, then the babysitters will stay with them and then the momma's find out and come running to protect their babies and well ... you can see that this can become a train wreck.  And that's exactly what we had going on.

I, with my lightning quick eyes, spotted the impending disaster and quickly grabbed my camera to record the action.  I took almost five hundred pictures that day.   

As I was looking at them on the computer screen it became apparent that somebody was having a good time.  
The best of times.  
It was a good day for the dog.   

He's not mine (we do have a Pearl though) he belongs to the Williams family that lives here.  His name is Cutter.

Job well done Cutter ... and Jason and Brazos, ya'll did good too.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Salty Christmas Decor

I missed the party.  Have you ever just been the girl who misses all the parties?  I planned on going.   Had my work done ahead of time, got my prettiest dress out, all ready to go and then BAM!  I missed it.  
My honey decided on Thrusday night the 12th of Dec. that we should go see his Mom, we did, she's a hoot, had a great time.  SO, since we were in the area we went see my oldest and our grandkids, had a great time, got back home late on the day of the Nester's party and then my server decided to act up and the internet was down for three days.  It was already in the plans for my sweet grand-babies to come up this weekend when suddenly, I realized "oh crap, I haven't gone Christmas shopping for the kiddos yet!  Yikes.  So I spent Thrusday in the city, Friday in the Kitchen and well ... it's late and I've missed the party.  It's official, Mr. Linky is closed down.  
Things are great for us but not running so smoothly for my blog right now.  So here is my very belated "party dress" pictures that was going to join up with the Nester's Christmas party.  Oh well, there's always next year.   

Hold the presses!  I've found a party that is still going on.  I'm linking up with Hooked On Houses.  Fitting, I'm hooked on houses too. Really bad, like I love houses and everything that goes with them, selling them, buying them, fixing them, painting them, decorating them, and especially looking at them!   Merry Christmas everyone.


Welcome and come on it.

One thing about taking pictures of your house, you get to see it objectively ... this spot needs something.  A bigger table I'm thinking.

This is my lovely lamp.  This lamp has a story ... but I not sure now is the time to share that particular story.  Let's just leave it with, "wow, what a lovely lamp you have here in the hallway."

This is our half bath.  I saw this idea in a mag. of course where else and had my carpenter make it for me.  

On to the work horse of the home.  The kitchen looks good now but wait til everyone gets here this weekend.  Lots of hungry honeys.  D and her family are coming up this weekend.  We will be having Christmas dinner with them and the rest of the family that lives nearby and then next week KP and I are going to try our hand at cooking up Christmas goodies and give them as gifts.  

A quirky little "joy" in the kitchen.  :)) 

 I'm hoping for a John Wayne movie marathon in this very spot on Christmas Day.
I told my friend Dawn, this year I'm leaving up what's in the shelves and sticking some greenery around it.  Evidently I like glittery greenry.

That was a lot of hard work, chocolate anyone?
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