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New from the Craft Room

He will 
command His angels 
concerning you to Guard you 
in all your Ways.

Psalm 91:11

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Floral Design, Part I

I decided to re-work the flowers that were in this vase.  It took a lot of courage to do this since I am a known floral "plunker".  But the flowers that were in here just didn't seem right to me so one shopping trip to Hob-Lob later and decided to go for it.  Note: totally forgot to take before photos.

Here is the fabric in on our duvet cover that inspired the color direction.

I admire people who can make beautiful arrangements and I have wanted to try my hand at this for a long time.

I thought I should take some kind of class to teach me how, you know, like the floral design 101 or something, but I met a guy who was making some beautiful Christmas wreaths and he said, "you don't need a class, just do it!"

So, I did.

It turned out pretty good, I think.  I feel that I have now graduated from "floral plunker" to "floral poker."

I know there are mistakes here.  One is, I messed up on the big flowers.  Shouldn't there be an odd number thing going on?  I have four big flowers and I either needed three or five.  Also, I felt like there was a hole on the right side so I filled that with some more green roses and the little dog wood looking flowers and the arrangement isn't square to the vase, in real life you can see that.

I learned to buy more than I think I will need and to not use so much hot glue, that way I can re-arrange things later.

I'm thinking a class could be helpful.

Now where to put it?

Here by the bed?  Pretty but not practical.

or maybe here on this little turquoise chest?  umm, no, that's not right either.

Here, in this empty corner, yea that works.

This little exercise got me to thinking, what else could I do in here?

maybe add this little bird cage floral, I made this too ... but I totally don't call this arranging!  Not sure why, now that I look at this picture it seems as though that took a little fore-thought.

and now for my honey's side.  What I wish it looked like ...

maybe add a little black and creme ... ahh yea so nice.

Hello, this is real world, that fluffy floral stuff would never last ... after all he is king of the remote controls.

But hey, I do have this cute little chair and table, now to shop the house.

perfect little table, it has all the right ingredients, florals, candle, old books, small art piece (mine) and a cool lamp.

and a zebra throw.  Now it's perfect.

Happy decorating.
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