Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Year of The Girls

I know, I know, this is one of our boys, sweet Nicholas what a cutie.  We spent this past weekend with his family and found out that yes, his mama is having a girl in December!

Yes, little man, there is a girl coming.

Don't worry, your gonna like her. 

Speaking of girls coming, sweet Kristen's baby girl is due in two weeks.  Mama's ready and baby is getting ready.  Doctor's visit yesterday said any day now.  Yippee!! 
So. . . . . .  in the spirit of getting things done (not very well) we are having Kristen's baby shower this Saturday.  Sorry baby, I know it's late.  We have been having fun getting things ready.  

And I get to see this little one.  Ooh, so sweet!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Having a sister is the best gift in the world.  Right?  I don't have one but I do have two daughter's and I have watched them grow up.  As sisters and they are opposites and just alike, all at the same time.  One is loud; one quiet - one will tell you about it; the other will watch - take it all in.  One the instigator; one the peace maker.  I love watching them and I envy them just a little.  

I have sisters, too.  You know the ones, the sisterhood of motherhood, sisters in Christ, sisters as friends.  They add a great dimension to my life.  The creative ones inspire me, the talkative ones intrigue me, the funny ones make me laugh, the thoughtful ones may me cry and deep ones take me with them as we go deeper still.  

I have a hurt sister out there, a mad sister, an angry sister - an ex-sister.   She was once a friend but today I am feeling pain for her, like never before.  I want so desperately to reach out to her and I have wanted to all year.  I keep hoping for healing, hoping for an opening, a place to reach through the pain.  If there was one I missed it or wasn't ready myself and now I fear too much time has gone by and now I can't or won't. I feel all jumbled up  inside when it comes to her.  I hurt her.  I thought I was doing what I had to do, needed to do, to protect others, to keep others from being hurt.  But today, one year later, I'm still thinking about her, still looking back, still analyzing - wondering, did I do the right thing?

Last night I listened to a man - an ordinary man.  He is a husband, a dad, a farmer, a preacher.  You would never know by looking at his unassuming ways, his plain clothes, his stature that he has much to say, much less anything that I need to hear.  He is a kind man, you can see that you can hear it.  His tone of voice is kind, not too surgery soft, not the kind that makes me want to throw up, not condescending, the kind that make me want to . . .  well, I'll just leave that one to your imagination.  But kind, full of wisdom, says what needs to be said.  I don't know him very well, but I have been around him a little this past year - this man - unassuming, quiet, kind, is anointed to preach the Word of God.  Last night he talked about spiritual battles and that we do have an enemy that wants to destroy everything that is good, that is God, that is beautiful, and he talked about forgiveness. 

He's right, you know.  

Looking back I realized that I could have handled the situation better, I could have been bolder and told my sister, not with anger but with honesty, what the problem was, instead I tried to do it in a way that I thought was easier for me, and I lied to myself, for her.  Hoping she would understand, be okay with it.  Hoping that it would not destroy our friendship, turns out the truth was have served us both much better.  Now, in the year since, there has been a bevy of miscommunication, rumors, things taken out of context, you name it.  Just plain hurt, the accuser of the brethren has destroyed what was lovely, sweet, and beautiful and now is broken and never to be repaired.  Maybe we could talk and but after all this time how do you bring up all that stuff and work out this twisted mess?  I don't think you do.  And if someone feels that you betrayed them to the level that she feels I did to her, how do you get over something like  that, I don't think you do.  I think you move on.  I think . . .  you just move on.  Try to look honestly at yourself, forgive yourself, pray for forgiveness and blessings for her, and move on.  

I am so tired of this hurt, I'm just ready to move on . . .  or maybe go to the mountains or the beach.  

I'm having a beachy/mountain thing here this week.  I think it's because of BooMama, she's at the beach with her sisters, whether they're friend sisters or blood sisters I forgot but they're there and eating good and laughing and I want to go too.  I'm ready to get past this thing and go laugh real hard and cry while I do it.  Yea that's it, I want to laugh til I cry and then I want to sit and watch the waves hit the shore and smile at the memory of my youngest doing cart-wheels up and down the beach one year, the whole day I might add.  That was the year of the cart-wheel for her.  She cart wheeled to the car, when we got to the beach she cart wheeled out and up and down the beach all day.  I think she even cart wheeled through the outdoor shower and to the car, then slept like a baby the whole way home.  That was a good day.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Heavy Sigh

That's all I got, just one right after the other.   *sigh* hmmm.  Writer's block too, I got that.

The grandkids are all back home, tucked in safe and sound and happy.  They were a lot of fun to have and I do miss them. 

 Sarah made a mushroom family and it still hangs on my pantry door.  She was very creative drawing, coloring and cutting out all the shapes.   She is becoming such a little lady.  She sat at the kitchen table and rolled her eyes at the boys fighting over who was the bestest and fastest at everything they did.  *sigh*

I'm feeling a little bluesy too, must be the dog days of summer getting to me or the heat, it's hot here in Texas, have ya'll heard?  I think the beach is calling my name, yea that's it.  The beach . . . or maybe the mountains . . .  I'm ready for a vacation.

Got any suggestions?  Great getaway spots you like to go to?  I would love to hear them.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer Fun


oh, this is not looking so good!

Ooh, collective sigh from the crowd at the pool, ouch!

I love these kids.  Now that our summer time visit is coming to an end, it wasn't so tiring after all.  I'm gonna miss these kids. 

Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm a Tired Nanoo

Agh, I'm getting old or something.  This summer-time Nanoo gig is killing me.  Or maybe it was the rehearsal dinner Friday night + 3 hour round trip drive, followed by the wedding Saturday + reception + 3 hour round trip drive,getting in bed at midnight both nights followed by the long lost cousins (yea:) ) stopping by Sunday that has me pooped?  Not that I'm whining mine you, it's just that - well when I'm tired I don't think well and according to my husband I gripe.  

But the wedding was beautiful and funny.  I didn't get any pictures because I forgot my camera but the flower girls, both three, stole the show.  I felt a little sorry for the bride and groom.  I had to tell myself to quit watching the girls and watch the wedding.  It was so . . . I hate to say bad but, I'll go there. . . that even the preacher was laughing.

Okay so picture this, two beautiful little girls, dressed in beautiful - long - dresses.  Walking down the aisle, putting out their flower petals - perfect, doing a great job.  You can see their concentration and the coaching from the parents.  Then, the two steps up.  Oops, forgot to teach that one.  Brought both of them down, plop.   Okay, that was cute in an embarrassing way, I felt sorry for them but they didn't seem to notice, oh to be three again.  

They made the fateful decision the leave the three little kids on stage ( the ring bearer 4 yrs old, the little sister 3 yrs old and the cousin - three almost four yrs old)  So the little boy didn't seem to need to be entertained but the little girls didn't know what to do with themselves.  They had those baskets and began playing with them, the youngest one put it on her head and then over her face and twirled around.  More like a searching back and forth, looking for how to get the basket off her face.  They other one sat on the floor and banged her head, the brother - sister combo fought over the basket.  The little girl won, it was hers, after all.  Finally, the two sister's of the bride aka matron's of honor, got the situation under control.  By then all the guest could do was try to stop re-living the site in our minds and stop laughing.  Sorry Kate and Casey, I hope you enjoy your video, hopefully there isn't too much of them but then, hopefully there is.   

Words seriously do not do justice to the scene, I'm thinking I may need to buy this wedding video. 

Oh well, the bride and groom are off to the Bahama's, life is good.


Friday, July 10, 2009


It's that time of the year for the summer ritual of having the grandkids come stay at nanoo's house.   

This one's too little and Mommy's not ready to let her go.  Ooh she's so cute.  I thought it only fitting that we preview the "faces of Anah"

Awe, so sweet.  
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