Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lamp Project

I started with a cute little lamp from the Dollar Store.

A quick glimpse of the original finish, I got a little carried away and forgot to take before photos.

I used one of my favorite products, joint compound, and applied it to the base to create texture.

I used the lampshade as it was and covered it with skrim fabric. I used paper to make a template and cut out fabric for each section and applied it on with spray adhesive.
Once the joint compound was dry I gave it a quick sanding just to knock it down a bit.

My game plan was to paint and then glaze but as I was reaching for this paint,

I saw this
and it reminded me of this.

I've never used a leafing product before so why not give it a try. I brushed a thin coat of paint on to set the joint compound, used the tacky size that came with the kit and just put the silver leaf on. It was easy, but no time for pictures.

For the lamp shade I continued using the scrim and made some shabby roses, ribbons, corded trim and a little cotton lace.

This isn't it's permanent home, I finished the little vanity for my guest bathroom and my plan it to put it in there. Pictures tomorrow, promise.

I am going to link up with some parties this week. Join me at Between Naps on the Porch

Just know, I don't ususally link up ... I'm a little shy, really! This is out of my comfort zone.


Donna said...

Your lamp is so pretty, what a great idea! Love what you did with the shade! I saw you over at Metamorphosis Monday. Glad you linked up,linky parties are fun! :)

Anonymous said...

That was a great project! Love the finish; now it looks certainly more expensive! And who would guess it came from the Dollar Store? You are just sheer genius! :)

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

Love what you did with the lamp. The leafing over the joint compound is genious. And the shade!! I love the shabby roses. Very cute!
Patricia :o)

Patti said...

WELL DONE!! I love everything about this, especially the shabyy chic!...and don't be shy about sharing ideas - this was a great project!

The Autocrat: Haley said...

Looks fabulous!

Nestled In Rosenberg said...

Very pretty!

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