Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happenings Around the Ranch

This happened last weekend, thankfully no one was injured except our hay. lol  One of our neighbors, driving down the highway, saw this and called us.  We had no idea it was happening.  The men were able to get it out before this cold winter blast came through.  The wind would have changed directions toward the houses and been a lot higher, which could have caught the whole country side on fire, that would not be good.

At first I didn't take any pictures, guess I've been in a slump lately, but then my daughter told me she couldn't believe I wasn't out there taking pics so, I got off my butt and got out there!   

Here are just a few, I don't want to bore you with 15 million of these things, cause you know that's how many I took.  Well maybe just shy of 15 million :)

We lost all our hay, a horse trailer and a few tires.

If you've ever seen hay burn you know it is impossible to put out with water.  That stuff burns hot and keeps burning for days.  So the men got on tractors and started pulling it apart to give it more air so that it would burn faster and more completely.  The volunteer fire department stood by with water trucks just in case.

I think that clicking on the picture and bringing it up to full size on your monitor is the coolest way to view them.

The girls and their sweet babies were here for the weekend so this is how I left the men when I decided I should get back to the house and the company of my children and grandchildren.

The girls and I watched the kids play, gave the babies their baths and fix some dinner when I realized how late it had gotten and something said, "go check on the men".

And this is how I found him.  All covered in soot and ash.  Really?   My man, he turned out to be okay, no apparent smoke damage just dirty from head to toe.

Hope everything at your homes are going great, stay safe and warm.

See ya.


Tina said...

I'm so sorry about your fire. Thanking God that no one was injured and your family and home are okay.

Nezzy said...

Oh my gosh girl, I'm so glad your Hubby is OK! How very scary and I am so sorry for the loss of hay and equipment. I know how very expensive that all is but I'm also thrilled that nobody was hurt.

My prayer are with ya'll, God bless and have a peaceful day my friend!!!

Wendy@Once upon a rose haven said...

May the Lord's assurance be with you! Thanks to God that everybody is fine; and wishing you that this coming hay harvest be one of the greatest...
Blessings ~*~ Wendy ~*~

Down On The Farm said...

Oh my. I feel for you my friend! I live on a farm, and I know what the loss of hay and equipment means to the operation. Do you know what happened? Thankfully no one was hurt. This is one of those things we don't understand, but we have to say "God, I trust you." I will be praying for you and yours!

Kelly L said...

Great pictures - Fire is so pretty against the dark night. So sorry for your losses - thankfully no one was hurt..

Love to you
I've Become My Mother

Sincerely Mama said...

Oh, Jerri Ann! So sorry this happened! That's a lot of hay to lose, not to mention the trailer. I'm especially glad your husband is ok, though, and no one was hurt.

Haven't seen you in ages; maybe next Community!

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