Saturday, October 29, 2011

Abundant Blessing


I love fall.  I love the colors, the cooler air, the promise of Christmas, and the clothes.  I love the clothes of fall.  lol.  sooo true.

I made this wreath for the front door las year.  The base is an old wicker purse and the florals are from Wal-Mart.

See, fall colors just make you look good.

This picture not so good, could have cleaned up the bird poop.  Honestly I didn't see it until I was back on the computer, so it stays.  This is real life here on the ranch!

This little pumpkin had to be shared.

This is something new I am trying this year, a Thanksgiving tree.  Later I will add some Christmas ornaments and poinsettias.

Really hard to take pictures of a tree.  So what do you think, Thanksgiving tree - yes or no?  I admit it feels a little weird to have a tree up so soon.  I could easily pull it into a storage room and bring it back out closer to the holidays but for sure it was easier to put up now than after Thanksgiving, I am usually pooped then.

Up next I try my hand at floral arrangement.  hahahahahahahaha

See ya.

1 comment:

Nezzy said...

I personally adore your fall Thanksgiving tree!!!

Everything looks so beautiful 'round there but I especially love the little bathin' cowgirl.

That's me!!! It's exactly how this gal bathed as a little chicklett. Far from the Jacuzzi tub I have now!

God bless and have a terrifically fun day sweetie!!! :o)

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