Sunday, January 8, 2012

Shot of the Day

My honey bought me a tripod for Christmas.

I love it.

Hahahaha, honey can't hide from the camera anymore.

Okay so this last photo shows how the truth of how we live.  See the stairs in the background?  Yea, that's Christmas decorations that haven't quite made it upstairs yet.

Hope you are having a beautiful winter's day.  Stay warm!

See ya.


Tales from the Trails said...

Beautiful pics. The one of hubby is cute too. : )
I just took down my Christmas decorations so don't feel bad.

Nezzy said...

Now every great country gal knows those stinkin' decorations have a had time gettin' up the stairs! Heeheehhe!

Great picture! 'So glad your enjoyin' your new tripod. I see Hubs shares your wonderful sense of humor.

God bless ya Hon and have an awesome week!!! :o)

tran dung said...

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