Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hey Sherry, Where Did You Go?

My internet has been down for almost a week.  I have found out that I am a bit addicted it.  It comes on at night, but is off during the day.  I don't like it!  I'm fixing to go to bed but I had to send out a message to Sherry.  Hey, where did you go?    And Dayna too.  I miss you guys.  

I visited Boo Mama's site, she is so funny, I love reading her post because she can take the simplest things and write about them and they are so funny.  Anyway, I bring that up because this song was playing on her blog and it came with me to mine when I signed off.  It has some great guitar in it, but it keeps saying something about covering up that acne.  Just some more bloggy goodness, I guess. :)  

I have a great set of pictures I want to post of two of my grandsons.  I hope to get that up tomorrow, if the internet is working.

Until then, I want to leave with a thought about men.  Our men to be exact.  I watched the end of a movie "Love Comes Softly" tonight  and in the scene where he rides off to get his women back, it struck me, that's what our men want.  They want us.  They want to love us, protect us, provide for us, be with us.   

I watch my husband's face in the mirror one morning when I had said something that hurt him. He was just trying to please me and I didn't stop long enough to see the heart of the matter. Men are not made of steel, though they might like us to think so.  They had dreams as little boys, just like we did as little girls.  Their heros were the men who saved the day, did the thing that made the women fall in love with them, rode off on the horse to get their women.  They need us and we need them and I am just so happy to have one who loves me and that I love.  That's all I have to say about that, it's getting late and I must be a little sappy right about now, plus mine rode off in the truck to go get some cows.     

Love really is the most important thing.  Must be why Jesus said it was His greatest command: Love each other.  John 15:19


Dawn Jenkins said...

Your writing amazes me...seriously, it amazes me! I feel like we just had a one on one conversation in a really cute coffee shop!

Sherry said...

Hey! I haven't been on because David's dad passed away and I have been so busy, but my blog got set to private....I fixed it I think.

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