Friday, February 27, 2009

The Back Roads

The back roads, like the back door, are just better somehow.  

Driving on one Thursday evening, I passed this old pick up truck.  I have seen it before and thought, "I want that in a picture".  Instead of passing by this evening, I threw on my brakes, brought my car to a stop, put it in reverse and backed up to the corner of the pasture where this truck sits.  Don't worry, you can see in the picture that we can see forever out here, there was no one out there but me.  It's loaded down with rusty barbed wire in the back and it looks like it has been used as target practice.  
It calls to me, hey, take my picture, back in my day 
I was somethin'.  If I let my imagination roll we will be here all day so I better get on with it.
There's just something about old things, that whisper of times gone by, of their day passed, of what was, and the the love that remains in the memories.
My grandmother turned 98 yrs old on the day I took these pictures.  I can just picture her, my grandfather, my dad and his brothers bouncing down the roads in a truck like this.       

Is that a grill guard on the front of this thing?  This truck must have made many a years to have a grill guard put on it.  Homemade, for sure.

Mam-ma had a lot of old friends come by to see her today.  One of the ladies asked her, Sara how old are you?  She said, "69".  Her youngest, my uncle Larry was there and he said, "Momma, your not 69 yrs old".  
"Well, how old am I"?
"Momma your 98".
"Well devil, I'm not asking you anymore"!
Vintage. :)

And finally, Yahweh, paints a glimpse of His majesty.  Dawn tells me that in the book "Captivating" the author talks about God romancing us.  She writes that He has been romancing us since our birth and every time you see something or hear a song, or anything that gives you chill bumps, that's God woeing you into a deeper relationship with Him.  I think that book just jumped up to the top of my 'to buy' list and will jump to the top of my 'to read' stack on the night stand.  Even when He paints a beautiful sunset He does it just for you.      

God is saying I love you, child.
I have a little gift for you.  
Happy birthday Sara Elizabeth Hatfield LeGard.


Dawn Jenkins said...

That sunset is BEAUTIFUL, good as the one I saw here in Levelland too!

a cowgirl at heart said...

Beautiful! You did such an awesome job at church Sunday. I am so sorry I didn't get to call you before that. But, I really meant what I said. Sometimes to get to me, you have to just force yourself...because I want to talk to everybody, but won't stop long enough to make the call many times. It's no excuse, just me. Hey, we all have our faults, right? ;) Can't wait to talk to you, soon, though!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jerri Love the story! In Case you haven't heard, My cousin Cassie rolled her car and I am so upset but I am surviving. I wrote a story about school for you!

Amanda May said...

Wow...beautiful pictures! Love that old truck...and I love that you stopped to photograph it. You're my kinda girl! ;)

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