Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm a Tired Nanoo

Agh, I'm getting old or something.  This summer-time Nanoo gig is killing me.  Or maybe it was the rehearsal dinner Friday night + 3 hour round trip drive, followed by the wedding Saturday + reception + 3 hour round trip drive,getting in bed at midnight both nights followed by the long lost cousins (yea:) ) stopping by Sunday that has me pooped?  Not that I'm whining mine you, it's just that - well when I'm tired I don't think well and according to my husband I gripe.  

But the wedding was beautiful and funny.  I didn't get any pictures because I forgot my camera but the flower girls, both three, stole the show.  I felt a little sorry for the bride and groom.  I had to tell myself to quit watching the girls and watch the wedding.  It was so . . . I hate to say bad but, I'll go there. . . that even the preacher was laughing.

Okay so picture this, two beautiful little girls, dressed in beautiful - long - dresses.  Walking down the aisle, putting out their flower petals - perfect, doing a great job.  You can see their concentration and the coaching from the parents.  Then, the two steps up.  Oops, forgot to teach that one.  Brought both of them down, plop.   Okay, that was cute in an embarrassing way, I felt sorry for them but they didn't seem to notice, oh to be three again.  

They made the fateful decision the leave the three little kids on stage ( the ring bearer 4 yrs old, the little sister 3 yrs old and the cousin - three almost four yrs old)  So the little boy didn't seem to need to be entertained but the little girls didn't know what to do with themselves.  They had those baskets and began playing with them, the youngest one put it on her head and then over her face and twirled around.  More like a searching back and forth, looking for how to get the basket off her face.  They other one sat on the floor and banged her head, the brother - sister combo fought over the basket.  The little girl won, it was hers, after all.  Finally, the two sister's of the bride aka matron's of honor, got the situation under control.  By then all the guest could do was try to stop re-living the site in our minds and stop laughing.  Sorry Kate and Casey, I hope you enjoy your video, hopefully there isn't too much of them but then, hopefully there is.   

Words seriously do not do justice to the scene, I'm thinking I may need to buy this wedding video. 

Oh well, the bride and groom are off to the Bahama's, life is good.


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Amanda May said...

Hi Jeriann!
I was *sure* that I commented on this post the other day, but I don't see my comment now...maybe I just thought about it?
Sounds like you've been a very busy girl! I can see why you're worn out...I would be too!

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