Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Good, the I'll Deal With it and the Whew, that was Close!"

First, the praise.  My honey had a cat scan last week and we found out today that it shows a 70% reduction in the size of the lymph nodes.  Amen thank You Lord Jesus.  And thank you prayer warriors.
Second, I wasn't going to mention it on this blog but ........ I am anyway

It's foggy outside.  Seriously.  For like the third day in a row.  It is beautiful, but I would love to see some sunshine.  However, I have decided to praise God for my blessings and not to complain about things.  It's not that I want to complain, I think sometimes I fall into a habit of negative thinking.  Stinkin Thinkin.

I feel like God lead me to A Holy Experience blog, her writing is so beautiful that I just feel like I can hear God whisper right into my soul.  

(In)Courage had such a great message.  I love the way the writers take everyday experiences and dig into them and then relate those feelings into our spiritual walk with  Christ.  Brilliant and real. 

Then Layla at the Lettered Cottage blog wrote about a time in her life where her husband and her were struggling financially and how a random act of kindness, a pay it forward kind of thing, turned their life around.  Go read it, she is guest blogging at Lysa Terkeurst, which lead me to Lysa Terkeurst, 'nough said.

AND then, as if that wasn't enough and clearly it was, God gave me one more nugget, Beth Moore's new book came out today.  I had a wonderful conversation with my friend, Dawn another Texas Blogging Gal, about what she got out of the first chapter that is available online.  Am I the last person in the blog world, or the world for that matter, that didn't know about this before hand?  Go read it if you haven't already.  I am going to join the So Long Insecurity Discussion Group.  What about you?  Want to?  I'll meet you there.     

And thirdly, we were almost gassed!  For real.  Carbon monoxide.  Yesterday evening, I smelled gas and thought it was the guest bedroom bathroom because it's not used much.  So, I went in there and flushed the toilet and ran water in the sink and shower.  

While I was cooking dinner the carbon monoxide detector went off.  RS & I went in the attic and turned off the gas line to the HVAC and opened some doors and windows.  After a time the gas cleared out and the alarm stopped beeping.  This morning we discovered what had happened.  

See this, it is the intake, exhaust vent lines.  It takes exhaust from the heater out through the vent in the roof and the other line takes in fresh air.  The best we can figure is at some point melting ice and snow slid from the top of the roof and hit the vent thingy and broke the lines on the inside.  That was my  best technical jargon for the exhaust was venting into the attic and the intake was right beside it taking it back through the house. 
Come to think of it RS has had a constant headache for a couple of days now and I have had one too.  And I have been feeling pretty fatigued lately.

Donny and Augustine came over and put the temporary fix on it until it until the snow and ice melts completely and they can get on the roof and fix the whole thing.  Donny wrapped up every joint there was, just in case he said.  I love him.  He and his crew look after us and we need that.
This is a precautionary tale to remind you and anyone you know and love.  With our heaters working overtime check your carbon monoxide alarms, make sure they are working.  And if you smell anything gassy (other than your beloved)  check you units.  Make sure what happened to us isn't happening to you.

K, cause I love you, that's why.

And now, because I took them today, I'm showing you more pictures of the horses.  

I can't help myself.
I love them.
I want to leave you with the Word that Layla used so beautifully in her testimony today.  It spoke to me.

"Do not judge, and you will not be judged.  Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned.  Forgive, and you will be forgiven.  Give, and it will be given to you.  A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be pored into your lap.  For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you."  Luke 6:37, 38

Blessings Beloved.


Stacey at Living by Faith said...

I can't wait to go get Beth Moore's new book. I remember her asking her blog readers questions about insecurities last year. I think I will join in the discussion. I better hurry up and get the book.

The whole carbon monoxide thing is just scary. I am glad you caught it.

Hopefully you'll see the sun soon. No sun also effects me and lives me with Stinkin' Thinkin'.

Nezzy said...

I love this post. Loads of praises and you can actually see the hand of God working in your lives. Woohoo for great cat-scan results. What a tragic outcome that carbon monoxide episode could have been. God hand was truly upon you.

God bless and may the sun shine upon you, until then just bask in His Sonshine!

Deb said...

glad you had an alarm to warn you...your horses are so pretty...glad things are going well for your husband...

We actually got some sun today....

Dawn Jenkins said...

I love you Salty Sister...A LOT! Great post, great inspiration, great pictures. We REALLY NEED to get together. I sure hope you will consider going to Daphne's conference on the 18th...at least on Friday!

Anonymous said...

70% reduction on the nodes is good and praying for complete recovery for your husband. Sure am glad you found the problem with the plumbing. Whew... Also, where is the discussion group for the Beth Moore book? I'd like to check it out. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Just catching up my reading. BIG TIME PRAISE GOD for your hubby's good news. Praise God!!!
Oh how I love your nature photos - the horses, ice on this and that living and not - it's just so beautfil and peaceful - even the fiesty horses - peaceful? What? - as they said. :) Love it - enjoyed the reading too. Thanks. Jenn Praise God! Thank you Father!

The Stylish House said...

I'm so happy to hear of your husband's good news! I wake up and appreciate each day and hold tight to my loved one's.

A Joyful Chaos said...

So happy for you all about the good report you got on your husband!

Slendarella said...

Those horses look like they're 'working' the camera! funny things, like they knew you were going to post their photos.

Love the foggy photos, they're peaceful somehow.

Found you at Texas Blogging Gals!

Slendarella said...

OMG! Thank God above for those alarms! Yes, your headache could have been because of that. Yikes, a cautionary tale for all.

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