Thursday, May 13, 2010

A New Seat in the House

I've been working on my outdoor projects all week.  Let me just say one thing before we continue ... I hate ( I know that a strong word but!!) I really do hate my concrete pots.  Okay with that said let me just keep saying how much I hate those concrete pots!!!!

I thought that I would love them.  I thought they would be wonderful to have.  I thought wrong.

Wrong!  Wrong!!  Wrong!!!

Yes they last forrevverr (unless you drop one because they are sooooo heavy), yes they age and get their own patina.  Patina shamena.  (that's a new word I just made up, clever?  yes?)  And I must add that I can't really pick them up, I have to have someone come help me get them on a dolly so that they can be moved.  Or, if I am by myself, which is often because ... why?  I live in the country and their are no neighbors - K.  Not bitter, better.  I digress.  So, when that moment arises I roll them and try not to drop them because they crack and break.  Would that really be such a bad thing?  I have failed to mention the expense, so no I do not break them on purpose and I will probably be able to prove that ..... one of these days.


Do you see a patina on this one?  Hum?  Really, do you!??  I don't.  I see HEAVY!!!!!!!!!!  

Not to mention the plant, let's don't mention this plant cause it is on it's way out.  I don't want to talk about it, there are two of them.  Just sayin.

Back to the story.
So so heavy.  My back is killing me and it happens twice a year.  Every year!  Did I mention how I feel about these pots yet?  Oh my aching back, I hate them.  

Okay, I'll stop here, if I can.  It's just that you are one of the few people I've been able to rant to and my poor honey just can't take the full wrath of my feelings for these pots.  He just can't. 

So back to the patina.  I didn't like it- so I changed it.

When Sarah was little she use to say, "I don't like it and I don't want it" with attitude.  That became a mantra for me and Mom.  Hey Mom, how are you doing?  

So this is better, no?  That is until you have to move the .... thing.  Again, digress.  I used two colors of a cement stain.  Bronze and dark charcoal and then sealed it.  By the way, that is what our patio is finished with too.  A stamped and stained cement product.  

And then, our furniture came in.  Yippeeee!!!!!!!!!

I can hardly believe it.  I've been planning for this for a year (you can check out an old post here) of my porch dreams.  
Ooh, it's so pretty.  I ran around all afternoon and sat on every piece.

So what do you think?  We need to have a get together, cook something.  

Hmm, I should get a grill first ... I still have work to do but wow, what a step forward.  

So tomorrow I want to tell you a story about little miss Sarah Kate.

Okay, bye.


Charla (SHar-la) said...

First, WOW! It's gorgeous!

And second, YES, lets have a get together! SOON! I can see coffee on the back porch and lots of good visiting happening.

Nezzy said...

What a warm and inviting place to entertain. Sister ya did yourself proud!!! It's just gorgeous!!! Ya also made quite the transformation on those pots, now they really look like they belong.

Now, what time is the BBQ????

Ya'll have a beautiful day sweetie!!!

Deb said...

It looks great, so inviting and furniture is beautiful. You had me laughing about the weight of the pots.

Have a great afternoon.

Dawn Jenkins said...

I love, LOVE the furniture/whole look! I can just see some coffee drinkin/Bible readin'/sunset seein'/ good vistin'/steak eatin' going on in this area.

btw- did I mention every post your write makes me laugh! I love your writing!

Diana said...

Awesome patio! I just told my DIL last week mine needs a makeover.....

Deb said...

looks good...

Anonymous said...

Oh, how much fun!!!! LOVE the pot! L.O.V.E. the furniture! Lots of good memories will be made there. Get that wonderful husband well and have a party!

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

That is some great outdoor furniture. I love it. Since I am only an hour and a half away I guess I can come over for grilled food huh?

Catharina Maria said...

What a great place for drinking a cool glass of anything , mmmmm
Love from the Netherlands ♥RINI♥

Sandy said...

I had to laugh with your ranting over those 'pots'.. they look so nice now, heavy or not!...
And congrats on the new furniture.. I really like all the pieces! Especially the Zebra strips!
Thanks so much for your visit today.. I'm following you now!

Stacey at Living by Faith said...

I like the pot better now too!

Ok let's talk about the furniture....GORGEOUS!! I absolutely love it. Those are my favorite colors and they are in my kitchen. It looks really nice!!

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