Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sarah Kate

In September of this school year, Sarah read a story about a golden retriever.

She started asking her Mom if she could have a puppy.  One thing to know about my daughter, she loves animals.  As a child she had a small parade of animals.  Unfortunately for my baby girl, I didn't have the capacity to take care of animals and children, so only a small parade.
A cat, a dog, a bird, and then another bird.  

It has to do with spring cleaning, all the doors in the house being open and the bird being trained to open his own door to his cage.  The cat comes in, I spy yellow feathers and then Danya being lead to believe that her bird flew free that afternoon.  We spent weeks looking in the trees for the little yellow parakeet. 

And then we bought the little blue parakeet.
During one of our phone calls, Danya tells me the story of how Sarah wanted a puppy, to my horror I asked, "Your not going to get another dog are you"?  She says well, I don't mind her having her own dog.  So I mentioned telling Sarah to work for it.  Chores, homework, no gripping.  

March rolls around and I asked if I can take Sarah with me on a spring break trip to see the grandmothers, Sarah's great grand mother, Granny-ma and her great-great grand mother and name sake, Mam-ma.  

That's when I found out how serious this puppy thing is with her.  She has done all her chores, kept her grades up, done her homework, even done chores with out being told to, all year long still dreaming of a puppy.  

On our trip she told me she wanted a golden retriever because, "she would swim with her and she would save her when she drowned".  I will never forget looking at this child sitting in the front seat with me.  

Her Mom told me the story of picking her up from school one day.  
Sarah,  "Mom, I've been thinking".   
Mom - "You have, what have you been thinking about"?
Sarah - "I've decided to give my kitty away to Caitlyn (next door neighbor) to make room for my puppy".

She walked in the house, picked up the kitty, loved on it, said her good-byes and walked next door to Caitlyn's house and gave her kitty to her friend and neighbor.

I thought that showed a lot of depth for a little girl.  So with Mom and Dad's blessing, Pap-paw and I gave her a puppy for her birthday.  We felt that she had showed a level of maturity this year and earned the right to have her own puppy.

Umm . . . 

Sarah . . . 

I think your puppy is in a bind, you better get her.

She looks up at me with her rich, deep, beautiful, big brown eyes and says, "my puppy chews on her own arm".  

Time to go home and meet the rest of the family.

Daddy, the German Sheppard, Abby, the bull dogs (4 of them??), and the horses and the cat that lives next door and who knows what else will parade through their house and life.  

My first born has a soft spot for animals.

She is growing up too fast.  

 see ya.  :))


Nezzy said...

What a little trooper little Sarah is! You can see tears of joy there with her diligently earned puppy. Now if givin' the cat away doesn't take the icing off the cake. A very happy birthday to Miss Sarah!

I have a Sarah too, she is the little basket head (Princess Toadstool of Mario Bro.)in my new post.

God bless ya and have the best day sister!

Vickie said...

Very cute little Sarah Kate and puppy! I love the pic with puppy in a bind! Have to give her alot of credit for making room for her new puppy - I'm sure her friend was ecstatic with her kitty! I hope her mom was, too!

Tales from the Trails said...

So cute! What an animal lover!

Diana said...

What a precious story! Love the photos, too.

Jennifer said...

Children can be so wise. They make the answers to things so literal - it amazes me - my cousins little girl said the other day "Mom, can we have Tilapia Pudding for dessert tonight?" and another time "Are we Republican or Dominican?. Adorable photos too! Jennifer come visit again at jennsthreegraces

Dawn Jenkins said...

what a sweet, sweet, story! Love the last two sentences.

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