Monday, October 4, 2010

Jeremy + Jill

He met her through mutual friends in January and brought her home to meet me in July.  I knew the moment I laid eyes on her it was only a matter of time that she would be his and he would be hers.

His job on Friday was to find the spot.  She wanted water, they thought the beach but that turned out not to be, so when I got there we scouted out the lake.

He found his spot

and laid his claim.

She chose black and ivory as her colors but Jeremy loves orange so he added that in his tie.  While we were at the store I kept showing him black ties, we looked at silver and red.  Then he spotted this one with orange in it and it was so him.  It just seemed perfect.

This is their friends and Mark is what their friends call his twin brother.  Not so much from looks although they do favor but from mannerisms.  This is Mark and Tara.

and this is baby Mark.

As we waited for the bride

the boys strike a pose.

and skip some rocks.

and wait, not anxiously but patiently.  Jill's Mom had a terrible time getting down for the wedding.   First her flight was canceled then she was flown to the next town over and then she was put on stand by and then they lost her luggage and it didn't show up until Sunday afternoon.  So she and Jill had to make a fast and furious shopping trip for a dress.

All the waiting paid off

When we looked up the hill and see her coming in her little Ford chariot.

I made this for her to have something to carry, I don't think she needed it but I totally enjoyed making it and it turned out to be a perfect way to add some orange to the brides ensemble.

Sweet Jillian McCauley

He finally sees his bride and the dress.

Mr and Mrs Jeremy Buckley.

The momma's signed the marriage certificate as the two witnesses.

At the end of the day, it was a perfect and beautiful wedding.


Misty said...

Beautiful Post, made me feel like I was there! I am so proud for him!

Lindy said...

How sweet and wonderful. I have a daughter that would love to get married just like this. I will have to share this with her!

Diana said...

Congrats to them!

Jill said...

Congratulations!! What a perfect day...beautiful!!
Many Blessings!

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