Thursday, December 31, 2009

Update on my Honey

We're struggling a bit.  I announced a while back that my husband had been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.  We've had two chemo treatments and everything is going well but he is also a diabetic and some of the medications he was taking to control nausea causes his blood sugar levels to rise.  Dramatically.  So we've been struggling lately.  The doctors have put him on insulin shots, he was on pills before, to control his blood sugar. 

 His hair is falling out.  We've had many conversations about the fact that he does not have much hair. I tell him he looks good to me. Mainly, he has conversates, I listen.  But I like it that way.  I like listening to him talk.  Might as well, that's how our relationship started out.  He talked, I listened, he thought I was the smartest thing he had ever ran into.  There's some wisdom for you.  Silence, be fluent in this language it'll take you places.

  But still I know he is surprised by what he sees in the mirror.  I am encouraged to be able to say that he still has an excellent attitude.  It snowed this morning and we still haven't melted the snow from a week ago so he is burning brush piles.  The man is right in his element.  Set him free, put him in the back pasture and he is a happy man.  

So this is just a little post to let any of you who know, who stop by, where are with his treatments.  Cause you asked and as weird as it seems to others outside blogland, it matters to us.  We're friends.  When we are away from each other, we wonder.  We start looking at our lives differently and think "ooh that will make a good post", we need the rest of the story.  

Maybe someday I should tell you more about how we met and the things he has taught me.  

Not today, though sorry for the tease.  Company's coming and I have got to finish cleaning and get some supper cooking.  



Nezzy said...

I will certainly be sending prayers to our Heavenly Father that His big old lovin' healing power touches your Hubby. I will also pray comfort upon him during his treatments. Take care dear one, we are here with you.

Here's wising you a most blessed New Year and may God bless ya'll!!!

southerninspiration said...

It can't be easy, so I will pray for a blessed New Year for you and your sweetie......Take care and enjoy every moment.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update ... I was wondering. I'm glad he has and can get into 'his element'. That's very good for so many purposes. Stay in touch. Take care. The Lord be with you in your ups and downs, struggles and questions, strengthen and guide you every step. AMen!
Happy New Year! Jenn

Misty said...

Thanks for the update, I have been wondering how things were going, I will continue to keep yall in my prayers. Tell Ricky hello!!

Mrs4444 said...

Visiting by way of Nezzy's place. While I am sorry for your struggles, I'm glad I landed here today, where I could know what you're dealing with and add you to my prayers.

I so know what you are talking about; so many people have no idea why anyone would be addicted to reading blogs, but what they don't realized is that we aren't just reading; we're making connections and being filled up with love and friendship. Where else can you get that at any hour of the day or night? :)

May your new year be filled with hope and healing...

Terry said...

Thanks for the update.
Will continue to pray for those big blessings to overflow your lives daily .
Big hugs from Texas
Happy Trails

Paige said...

Thanks for the update - I have been praying for both of you since your previous post. You have such a gift with words and I love how you use your pictures to tell a story! Someday you will have to let me know what kind of camera you have (I am looking for one) - I pray God will give your family a peace. In Christ, Paige Lindsey

The Stylish House said...

My thoughts and prayers are with your family. I'm sure your husband appreciates your loving support during this difficult time.

Nishant said...

I will pray for a blessed New Year for you and your sweetie...

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