Thursday, December 10, 2009

Salty Christmas

I want to tell you, before I go into the candle tutorial that I have planned where I have been for the last month.  My honey has been diagnoised with NHL.  Life happens and sometimes sitting in a room in front of the computer by yourself just isn't the place to be.  

My plan was never to be absent from daily posting, as you can see by having a professional page designed just for me.  This cancer is treatable and we can live with that.  One thing that has always been consistant with us is we don't give in and we don't give up.  Give me a fight and fight I will.  I'm not pretending that at times tears don't stream down my face as I look at the path set out before us, they do.  But God quietly assures me He is with us and not be afraid.  A beautiful friend of mine has been texting me my "Do not fear" text for the day.  Her Mom points out that the phrase "do not fear" appears in the bible 365 times, that's one for every day.  So obviously God knew we would deal with fear.  

I do not intend to turn this page into a daily blog about our ups and downs, but then I never really had a plan except to see if I could write, so maybe it will be what it has always been about - our daily life.  

So all that to say this - Our God is Big.  Really Big.  and His world is beautiful.  Tuesday I took some cool pictures that I will put up tomorrow (frozen spider webs on a fence), if I can wait that long.  It looks like I may need to have a little planning and have some post ready to go ahead of time as we deal with the doctor appointments and treatment day and meal planning and just hanging out together.  

And so ... "Our Salty Christmas."  With the affairs of the day, I have decided not to put up a Christmas tree this year only because, I'm tired and I don't want to.  But the Nester's Christmas tour and my desire to participate has encouraged me and given me the energy to push through and get it done. 

Here are some candle sticks that I have had for a year and never put a candle on. Why, you ask?  The reason is simple - they have one of those big 'ol spike things coming up out of the middle  and most of my candles had that metal thingy so it never worked.  This year, determined to make it work, I picked up some candles without the metal piece.  

However when I plunged them down on that big 'ol spike thingy, they broke.  The picture isn't very clear but they just cracked right up the side.   ( ? hum sounding a little like life - cracking up the side)

What is a crafty girl like me to do?  Put a little paper on it.  I love scrapbook paper.  

Sealed those cracked candles right up.  

And that's it for my first installment of our Salty Christmas decor.  Thank you very much.

Seriously, this is a beautiful time of the year and the reason we celebrate is The Beautiful One.  Merry Christmas everyone.  I love you.


Nezzy said...

Who says ya have to have a tree, your decorations are beautiful, and yes we serve a really big God. My prayers are with you, girl!

Have a wonderful evening!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear where you've been and why. I had to look NHL up to verify what it is. I was thinking about your candle and this diagnosis. God knows what's going on and how to hold your hearts and lives together when they both are and feel broken by such a thing as this diagnosis. (similar to you and the candle). I think I heard recently that the most frequent command in the Word is 'fear not'. From Beth Moore's "Esther" Study page 198 - "Every time you're in a tight fist of fear, remember you're in something much tighter. Isaiah 49:16 says, "See, I have engraved (inscribed) you on the palm of my hands." (Heavenly Father - I lift Jerriann and her husband up to You. I pray for strength, renewal in You, faith and ability to persevere through this diagnosis. I pray for healing and for help with any treatment and side effects. I thank You for your presence, grace, love and mercy in our lives. I thank You for hearing prayers. I pray for a special strengthening for these two. And for the family. That Your will be done in, around and through this situation and their lives. Thank You Father. In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen.)

Anonymous said...

Replying to your comment on my blog, where you are replying to mine on yours (complicated isn't it?). You are welcome. Stay in touch! Which reminds me of something I saw on my notes from that Study I mentioned, same page. "Some battles are won by teams." It's hard to do some battles alone. "Some battles are won by the body of Christ."

Kelly's Ideas said...

I will pray for you, your husband, and your family. Illness is tough and at times it can test our faith but we serve an amazing God and He loves to show up and give you comfort.
Love to you.

HappyascanB said...

Oh how I've missed you! And wondered if everything was really okay. . . . I'm so very sorry to hear what's been happening. I loved reading this from you, Jerriann: "One thing that has always been consistant with us is we don't give in and we don't give up. Give me a fight and fight I will." I believe that with everying in me. Lifting you up in prayer. God is good. All the time.

Janera said...

You said it right, Girl. He is a BIG GOD.

Also, this? Give you a fight, and you'll fight it? You won't be fighting it alone.

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