Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Salty Dog

The other day we needed to gather some momma cow's and their babies.  This can be hard to do because sometimes the calves will get tired and lay down, then the babysitters will stay with them and then the momma's find out and come running to protect their babies and well ... you can see that this can become a train wreck.  And that's exactly what we had going on.

I, with my lightning quick eyes, spotted the impending disaster and quickly grabbed my camera to record the action.  I took almost five hundred pictures that day.   

As I was looking at them on the computer screen it became apparent that somebody was having a good time.  
The best of times.  
It was a good day for the dog.   

He's not mine (we do have a Pearl though) he belongs to the Williams family that lives here.  His name is Cutter.

Job well done Cutter ... and Jason and Brazos, ya'll did good too.


Nezzy said...

Just another day on the farm, right? We had a dog that was an excellent cow dog that passed several years ago. Poor Tiger the Wonder Dog just doesn't have the right stuff when it come to cattle.

I really enjoyed the pics of the round~up.

Have a wonderful New Year and may God bless ya'll!!!

Gamma Sharon said...

Wow, Cutter looked like he knew what he was doing. Beautiful country and pictures.

Anonymous said...

Yah, the dog seems to be really working and having fun. We have a dog that I just know would love to be a herder ... he's got a lot of pent up energy just a house dog. I love it when he 'herds' us or spots the ball we're kicking. Wouldn't I love to see him happy like that dog. Wonderful photos of the action ... must be a lot of rewarding work and fun ... for everyone. Enjoyed these and the other photos on down to the frozen webs, which was where I last left off. Thanks. (Hope all's going well on the health issues.) Jenn

Nishant said...

I really enjoyed the pics of the round~up.

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Miss A said...

Great blog you have here! I really REALLY enjoyed these herding pics! I've always dreamed of being a cowgirl!

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