Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Nicholas

This is our daughter Shana's little boy.  We are so proud of her as both a daughter and a mother.  I haven't had the opportunity to introduce her to you yet and this seems like the perfect opportunity.  Nicholas is our youngest grandchild.
For now, that is, we have one due in late March, baby Anah Grace

Sweet little baby boy.

Look at how smart he is.

This was Nanoo and Papaw's first trip to see him and he was trying to talk.
(In case you can't tell, he is talking in this photo.)

Proud parents Quang and Shana.

Cousins, Tyler and Nicholas

Shana, Nicholas and Nanny, (Great-Grandmother)
We had had a big day at one of the last Yankee ball games 
played in the original Yankee Stadium.

Thanksgiving plate, anyone?
Yes, this is our fine china!

My how he has grown, 

Shana, Nicholas, Aunt KP and Tyler

We love you little man, see you on Saturday.


Janera said...

Beautiful family! You're blessed.

Brent said...

Good lookin boy. Maybe he'll grow up to be a Fireman some day!

Sherry said...

Oh what sweet baby pics all that hair. (My girls were all bald, they have hair now though and I have the hair products bill to prove it...I prayed for it..I got it! LOL)

He has really grown! Happy Day today!!!!!!

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