Saturday, January 3, 2009

What . . . happend?!!?

Sometimes I sit here and ... I got nothing.  I had something when I was in the kitchen and then I finished what I was doing, walked up stairs sat down and ...nothing, nada, zip!!!!  It's gone, it was going to be sooooo good, but now I guess I have to go back to the kitchen and see if I can get it back.  So stay tune, we'll see


Sherry said...

So that is not normal....I thought that was normal...LOL

Shanda said...

Hello Jerriann, So nice to meet you and welcome to blogland. You and I sure do like alot of the same movies. I wish I had one tonight, I have a very bad cold today and I am spending the day in bed and nothing is on the tube to watch. Thank goodness for blogging huh?

Janera said...

Welcome to blogging! It's lots of fun and very addictive.

I enjoyed my visit here! So nice to see the pics and hear what you're up to. I haven't seen you in a while, but I imagine I'll see you this spring, wink, wink.

One question: is your text yellow on white, or is it just my computer? I have to highlight your text to see it, so I'm wondering if I have a monitor problem.

Come back and visit my blog anytime! Thanks for the sweet comment.

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