Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Top 13 American Idol

Hey there, Salty Sister here and oldest daughter "D" has joined me.  We are ready to join in on the AI post, thanks BooMama.
SS-Michael Jackson, what are they doing?
D- no comment on that.  Although I like the changes the judges are making.  It sounds like they are going to be a part of the decision making.
SS--Lil Rounds, "The Way You Make Me Feel" love her story, I think she will be in finals. I didn't really like her performance tonight, almost liked it.  What's wrong with me? Angels?!!  What?? Simon was right on here.
D-I like her She's going to go a long way. Voted.
SS- Scott McIntyre, "Keep the Faith" - I  liked him with the piano, it was better.  But I don't know, not one of my favorites.  I think he will stick around though, but it wouldn't hurt my feelings if he left, we'll see.
D-- Scott, ditto.
SS-Danny Gorkey,  "PYT" I loved it! Wow, he brought it home, Exclamation Mark!  I think he was better than Lil tonight.  Judges comments, brilliant, white guy with soul, I loved that they saw joy, that was a good moment for me.  This is the first time I have ever wanted to down load a song from American idol.  Voted.
D--Danny Gorkey, I liked him, he can't dance but he is funny, he's cute the way he was dancing.
SS-Michael Sarver - "You Are Not Alone" - I think he's a handsome guy, love his vocals tonight.  Definitely a ballad guy, I hope he sticks around.
D--I like him, I don't think he's going home, I forgot him, though, when they were showing the replays I realized that I had forgotten him.  Who wants to hear a slow Michael Jackson song?
SS--Jasmine Murray, "I"ll Be There" - So cute, she had stage presence, definitely the best dressed for the night.  I think she will stay.  She strikes me as one who will improve the longer she is there.  Song choice for her is key.
D-- Yea, she needs to sing different songs, that are younger.   I think she's really good, but you just don't sing big songs, you just don't.  Because then Randy will tell you "it's was just alright with me, it was just alright", because he has recorded that with Mirah Carey.
SS--Kris Allen, "Remember The Time" - I liked his performance, I could see me listening to him.  Voted.
D- I think he is so cute!  He could be the dark horse.  
SS--Allison Iraheta, "Give In To Me" -  umm OK.  she'll stay, I do like her deep, raspy voice.  She's only 16"?
D--I love her dude, she's like Kelly Clarkson with more edge.  I love her.    
SS--Anoop Desai, "Beat It" - oh sorry dude, I agree completely with the judges here.  Not so much, won't be back next week.
D--I like Anoop, he just made a bad decision, what Paula said, you just don't sing "Beat It".
SS--Jorge Nunez, "Never Can Say Goodbye" -  good voice, the song was just tired, old, I did find myself looking for Burt.  He may be going home.
D- Jorge-Nice guy, wrong song. What's with the eyebrow, somebody needs to fix 'um for him.  
SS--Megan Joy Corkrey, "Rockin Robin" -  I just like her name Joy, she's a cutie, don't like tattoos, but that's just me, I hated the song but she pulled it off.  I think she has great vocals and she is unique but not one of the top vote getter's.
D-  The deal is she has a really cool voice, a unique sound to her voice and she could have a hit right now, but I think that once we get over all the Norah Jones vibe . . . I just don't see her with a long run.   
SS- Adam Lambert, "Black & White" - Is it just me or what, but I am a little afraid of this guy.  I hate black finger nails, sorry, I'm an old folgy.  But, he can sing, whew boy, really good.  Anyway, he'll make it to the finals, but probably not an artist I will listen to.  
D--Haha,  I like him, he's over the top but I like him, he's got some mad skills.  He reminds me of the rockers back in the day crazy high screaming...
SS--Matt Giraud,"Human Nature" -  I like this guy,  what was wrong with him though, he didn't look like he liked his performance.  I hope he doesn't get down on himself.  At this point I would buy his music.
D--I love him, I Loved him!  I think he's just really talented.  He's got that bluesy, soul thing, I like white people that sing with soul, I 'm just glad they put him through, he is like Justin Timberlake.
SS--Alexis Grace, "Dirty Diana" - I waited all night for her.  She is one of my favs, um must be hard being last, so much to prove to put you over the top here.
D--I like her but she over did it a little bit, I do like her alot.  She will be back.  
So Big D what do you think who's, out?  My prediction is Anoop and Jorge.  With Jasmine and Megan on the bottom of the votes.  I'm gonna go out on alimb here and say, the top three in the finals are; Lil, Danny and Adam.  With the top two between Lil and Adam.  Adam brings it home.
D--I think Anoop and  Jorge needs to go home.  Everybody is so good, they really all are so good.  I don't know it's going to be hard to judge.  I guess thats where the Randy, Paula, Simon and Diana come in at.  It will be interesting to see.

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Over from BooMama's - Hi!

Great to read two opinions in one post.

I agree Danny and Adam will stay.

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