Thursday, October 29, 2009

From the Craft Room

The beginning

The inspiration

The results

Lettering is not my thing and you can tell that in the close up picture,  
which I did not post (hehehe)
I am going to hang it with ribbon but I can't attach that yet due to the room it will be hanging in, I need to be there to measure just how much ribbon it will need.


Nezzy said...

Hey Salty Sister, you rock! I think you did a magnificent job. You go girl!

Have the best day filled with prayer and blessings!

Janera said...

You are so very talented! It's going to be beautiful, peaceful, welcoming, and spirit-filled, I just know it. Can hardly wait to see it!

jerriann said...

Have I told you lately that I lovbid you beautiful ladies?

Awe, I do.

Dawn Jenkins said...

Salty sister you are simply, sensational. I am AMAZED at your craftiness. I know one lady who is going to be very excited, and I know a BIG GOD who is smiling and saying, "Well done, well done." (aFter all God is the one who created bling... ;)

jenjen said...

What a cute project. It is darling!

Happy Halloween!


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