Sunday, October 11, 2009


This brought me to my knees, it broke me.  I don't know why, not that I ever listened to this man's music but I knew what it was.  Not that I was never blameless, I'm not.  There was plenty in my past to sit in this white chair and tell you "i am second."  

There was just something about what felt like total hopelessness and to listen to how Jesus saved. this. man. and how He keeps saving me.  How i am not but that I know I AM

Just as this man testifies God used his child to save him, so that he could save her later on, 
God used my children to save me so that later I could be there for them.  

from one of my favorite books, outside the bible, authored by Louie Gigleo,

     "The skies declare that I AMis huge; but Calvary affirms that I AM has the best interest of every I am not in mind at all times.  Our God is in the heavens and the whole world is under His command, but now because of Christ we can personally know how much He loves us and believe that He is using everything that comes our way for His glory and for our ultimate good.  It is time for you and me to live as those who can never be the same because we have encountered both the great power and the great love if I AM.  
     And in the days to come, when you're questioning, needing, searching, wondering, asking, and struggling, you will find His sufficiency at the end of every desperate prayer.  When you cry out all the things that you are not, you'll know His answer is, "I AM."

i am not but I know I AM.  get it, read it.  



Anonymous said...

I went to the websites you had and watched Welch ... and then Waltrip, Baldwin and others. I wanted to check it out to be sure they're on point scripturally so looked around a bit because I couldn't get away from the sense I needed to send it to one particular person. I've sent it now. Whoa. I'll wait and see what God does and let you know. Thanks.

Catherine Anne said...

THANK YOU! Loved this post!!!

The Smith's said...

Thank you so much for sharing this site. I am touched. thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

Nezzy said...

He is! What a touching post. Thank you so much for sharing and reminding me to take a moment to thank Him because He is all.

Have a fantastically blessed day!!!

The Smith's said...

I keep popping back looking for new posts (LOL) Im in need to decorating help...... pop over to my blog and see the post titled HELP! and leave me some comments please!

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