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American Idol Top 9 - 2x's

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First thing I've got to say is What?!!!?  Adam Lambert is the mentor??  Okaaya, let's get on with it, then.   My daughter, Danya gets  together with me every week (on the phone)  and we dish about our impressions of American Idol.   And then we get a few comments from our significant others, my honey RS and hers CC.

So Danya, what did you think of Adam Lambert as mentor?
D - I don't understand why he was a guest mentor, shouldn't it be somebody like Carrie Underwood or Kelly Clarkson?  I thought it was just a little weird. 

Yea, it was a little strange for me too but he did okay.  See, I think it should be Kris Allen or Chris Daughtry, that would be good.   

So for the show;

Crystal Bowersox

I feel like what Ellen said, "just how many ways can you say, your amazing, the best, awesome, authentic, from the heart".  She's just so good.  She's like a little power pack or something.  She has stayed solid through out this competition, never wavering.  I can't wait for her career to begin.  She one of my top three and she may be the winner. 

RS - She'll make a lot of money.

Danya - I don't even know what to say ... she's amazing, she's excellent, she's so good that... okay I have something to say, I'm a Little worried about her.  I'm worried that she's fading.  Not that there is anybody as good has her I'm afraid that some people are getting better and she isn't.  I don't think she pushing herself.  What do you think?
I didn't see that.

D - You didn't?  You thought she was amazing?  Okay, I don't want her to be first anymore, I gotta ease into it before I watch her.  

Eh?  Why do you feel that way?

Because, I got be in the right frame of mind.  It took me by surprise, the show came on and there she was and I wasn't ready.

Danya, if she doesn't win promise me you won't have a coronary, k.

Andrew Garcia

I think his performance is solid.  He put his own spin on it.  I can't say anything bad about him.  

RS - either him or the sliding guy will get kicked off.  I think he'll go home, he doesn't sing very good.

Danya - he sucks, horrible haha, hahaha.  

Tim Urban - Can't Help Falling In Love

My least favorite Elvis Presley song.  Um, nice acoustic guitar, I'm loving this.  I like it!  I think it's great.  Very nice.  Simon said, "managed to go from zero to hero".  Well done Tim.  I don't think he will go home this week.  

RS - where those "guys" dancing? 

Danya - Much better.  Better, actually liked it a  little.

Lee Deywze

Wow, I love it, love Lee.  Yay!  He looked like he was having fun.  I can't wait for his music career to begin too.  Simon said you nailed the song, that's what it's all about.  Top three, that's my prediction for this guy.  Ya'll vote for him, k.

Danya - Lee's really good.  Love his voice, looks confidence has a really cool voice.  Kind of agree with Kara but I think that 's just Lee

Aaron Kelly

I wasn't liking the first of the song but he brought it out in the second half.  I think that is what I've been seeing out of him the whole season.  He looked to me like he was sick to his stomach after the judges critiques.  Poor guy.  

RS - I didn't like the first half but the second half was good.

D - I think he really can sing.  I liked it, better.  

Siobhan Mangus - Suspicious Minds

My favorite Elvis song.  Hmm, I don't know, maybe not.  You know I think I'm confused by her too.  Yeah, what the judges said makes sense to me, it is like there are two types of singers there.

D - She sucks, I'm sorry don't write that.  I didn't like it.  Not last week, not this week, so fake.  Last week she was all controlled and I didn't like it.  The beginning of this song - controlled and the end of the song was a little too crazy.  I agree with the judges, there are two voices and so I think that if it were somewhere in the middle I would like it... maybe.

Mike Lynch - In the Ghetto

I love this song too.  Loved it when Elvis put it out and Mike did a good job with it but I missed the guitar lick that is in the original version.  I think Mike felt that song.  

RS - Horrible, worse anyone has done all night.

Danya - In the ghetto, I thought it was good.  I don't like, love him, but I do think he's always good.  He's always there, he always on, he's always solid.  He really brought it.  Last week when it was time to be saved he put it all out there.  He's good.

Katy Stevens - Baby What Do You Want Me To Do

Sassy!  I like it.  I think a few weeks back when Kara told her she was more R & B than country that she started finding her place.  She seems to be more comfortable there and her confidence level is up.  She is not going down without a fight.  I also think I heard a little Trisha Yearwood in there.  Which is country but she can do anything.  I love Trisha Yearwood and when she first came out I she reminded me of Linda Ronstadt.  So you know that kind of comes full circle with the R & B/country thing.

D - I didn't like it, really.  I felt like on some parts she was doing that yell thing, it didn't sound right, but no one said anything so I don't know.  Maybe she was just too young, maybe she just doesn't have it.

Simon seems to agree with Danya, loud and annoying.  

Casey James 

Top three.  That's what I have to say about him.  I do agree with what the judges said last night.  He did seem to leave something on the table.  But still good.

D - He does something funny with his mouth, but I really like him, he's got a really good voice and he sexy.  Lee's not sexy, Casey's a little more vamped up.

Whose going home? 
D - I just really don't care as long as Crystal wins.  

Is that Carlos I hear in the back ground?  Who are his favorites?

CC -  I liked Tim Urban, that song was good, the little kid sucked with my blue suade shoes.  Lee sounded good, he did alright, average, he did what he was suppose to.  Siobhan sings the wrong songs, she sucked.  Big Mike did alright.  I didn't get to hear Crystal or Casey.

So I guess we think Siobhan and Aaron and Andrew are in trouble.  I guess out of those three, Andrew and Aaron will go home.   


Deb said...

Tim, Andrew and Aaron are my bottom 3....

Nezzy said...

You truly are hooked sister!

You have the best day sweetie!!!

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

I am soooo in Chrystal's camp. I don't want anyone else to win, and I vote for her every week. I will for sure buy her cd's someday.
There's my opinion, for what it's worth, even though you don't know me from Adam... LOL
Can't wait to see what will happen this week.
A Fellow Idol Fan,

Nishant said...

You have the best day sweetie!!!
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