Thursday, April 8, 2010

American Idol
Okay, I was wrong last night.  Who saw that coming?  The only thing I got right was that there would be some surprises and hard loses from here on out.  So they saved "big" Mike.  That means that two will go home next week.  My honey called it.   He said big Mike will be the lowest vote getter and they will save him.  How did he know that?  I mean he didn't watch the show.  Sometimes that man ... just scary how he knows things. 

Anyway so there's that and then, there are big things happening on the ranch this week. Well, one big thing - Trees.  That's right trees and we planted a bunch of um.  All kinds of varieties, pines, oaks, crabb-apples, pistachios, petty trees all over the place. (Note, I don't really know what all the varieties are, I should study.)

Oh yea, another big thing, I finally got my outdoor furniture ordered, it will be here in six weeks.  I've been working on that one for a year one.  And Melissa, pictured here

 and the windy hair shot

is going to help me landscape my front courtyard.  I'm not really good with outdoor planting.  I mean I used to live in south Texas where the climate is classified as "sub-tropical"  and the plants just make you look good, know what I mean.  Here the wind blows in the spring, no make that howls and the air is dry and we get really cold in the winter and just darn hot in  the summer and I feel a little lost here.  So, I have help and help is good. 

And last, I need to paint something.  I'm starting to eye the some of the furniture around here that really shouldn't be painted.  I found a piece at the antique store but it cost a little more than I want to spend so right now I am in "visiting mode".  That's where I want something, a lot, I call it a zinger and I go to visit it until someone else buys it or I do.  Zinger, that's a phrase I coined for when you know it's right.  I get this little buzzing feeling in my stomach and I know that I will always love it, no matter what.  A zinger, works for clothing and shoes too just a little diddy from me to you.  Probably works for man toys too.  I don't know men may need to know this stuff to you know.

Oh and an update on my honey, he's doing okay.  He had his 6th chemo treatment last week and we have discovered that the 7th day after chemo is the day that you are most venerable to getting sick and yesterday was that day.  He came close but his fever didn't get up high enough to go to the hospital.  They say that some folks just get sick after treatments and he is one of those.  What they don't know is how determined he is and once he puts his mind to something,  we are going to do everything we can to make that happen.  Such as quarantine ourselves and stay away from public places during that time when his system is most susceptible to illness.  So there you go on that.  I'm probably just dreaming cause one thing I've learned with this cancer is that your body is not your own.  There are major drugs coursing through your body  and they do what they do and you just do the best that you can do.  And God.  I consider that a sentence.  

So that's it for today.  Love to you all, I pray for a blessed filled day.  Now I think I will go visit my table.  See ya.


Nezzy said...

Oh sweetie, I'm so glad your 'Honey" is doin' well. I pray for him daily.

Melissa is so cute with her little burlap flower and her hair blowin' in the wind. Have a blast landscaping.

It's dang cold here today. I built a fire in the fireplace and they have hard freeze warnings out the next to night. I'm simmerin' a big old pot of chili for tonight.

You have a most beautiful day, sweetie!!!

Deb said...

you know my hubby predicted the same thing...scarey...the wind was horrible here yesterday....

Dawn Jenkins said...

good chat!

Pat Harris said...

Keeping you all in my prayers. I'm glad he's doing well. What about you?

It's cool here today but everything is blooming. My daughter is helping me plant some Azaleas today. I'm looking forward to the time with her and the grandkids.

Diana said...

Have a great weekend!!!

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