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Top 9 Season 9 - American Idol

Here's the thing, tonight I realize that we are getting to the point that some surprises could happen.  I mean this is the most talented group I can ever remember being on Idol.  Not everybody is someone I would buy albums from but they are all (for the most part) solid performers.  So from this point on we could be losing some really good contestants.  

Aaron Kelly - Long Winding Road

He's got a really good voice, he has been a solid performer and being young and all - that's a good point for him but, he doesn't seem to be growing musically to me.  He's not getting better.  His performance tonight was just alright.  It didn't compare to the rest, he didn't live up to the standards that are being set by the others.  I mean, even Tim did better than Aaron tonight.  And that's really splitting hairs because he has a great voice.
D - Wasn't very good.  I agree with what the judges said he just keeps doing the same thing.

Katy Stevens - Let It Be

Let me just say I love "Let It Be".  One of my all time favs.  I thought Katy knocked it out of the park tonight.  I loved it.  Loved what the judges said about her, she has been in the bottom three two weeks in a row and tonight she came out and laid it all on the line.  I loved it, thought it was great.

D - I thought she did a lot better, I thought it was real good.

Andrew Garcia - Can't buy Me Love

We didn't get to blog last week but, Andrew where have you been?  I am so glad you didn't get voted off, man.  Last week's performance was soo good.  This weeks was good too but last week it was the bomb.  It was good to see you come back like that.  I loved it. 
D - I liked it, I mean it wasn't great, like last week, It wasn't great but I enjoyed it.  He needs to shave his face.  That is not a beard, that's leg hair.  Like little Sarah's leg.  Anah fell and busted her lip, she has a fat lip.

She did!?  Poor little baby, is she okay?

Mike Lynch - Eleanor Rigby

Mike performs so well every week and now I know why, he is from a performing family.  He's good, he's solid every week.  I don't know, it's going to get hard to see some of them go home from here on out.  He did a great job with this song.  Beautiful performance.

D - I don't like Mike, I couldn't understand what he was saying, that could be because I can't hear.  But, I figured that they would love it and think it was wonderful.

Crystal Bowersox - Come Together

Oh man this girl is in her own zone.  She is just so comfortable, so consistent, so good.  She does have a Bonnie Raitt kind of sound and I love Bonnie Raitt.  

D - ah - *big sigh*  you know Mom.  You know how I feel about Crystal.  Enough said.  I really love her a lot.  Do you think in nine weeks we'll still love her the most?  It's almost like she was at a certain place and now some people are catching up to her.  I wonder if she will step it up or not or if she needs to?

So who do you want to see win? 

D - I want to see her win.  Casey or Lee, that's it.  
This is the most solid group of singers on this show ever at this point.  What do you think Mom?

Tim Urban -  All My Love

I've been trying to figure out who he reminds me of and a couple of weeks ago I said that I was worried that he would end up on some variety TV show, sliding across the stage, singing in pencil straight slacks and a jacket that matches with like a turtle neck on and just be sooo ... so clean, you know.  Like Bobbie Vinson or something, I don't know.  BUT, his performance tonight was the best I have seen of him.  He was much more relaxed, more natural.  I liked him with the guitar, I forgot that he played the guitar.  And I hate to hate on him because he is probably one of the nicest kids from the best family ever but the competition is stiff this year and I think he is very much in danger of going home tomorrow.

D -  Oh my, I went outside.  I was afraid it was going to be bad, with his dopey sneaky eyes.  Like he sneaked it up in the bedroom, but then I checked back in half way through and it wasn't bad.  So, in your vision, does he annoy you real bad?  Okay this is so bad we're picking this poor kid apart, he is doing good.  I mean if Crystal Bowersox wasn't on there we'd probably be liking him better.  You know, he should have been on season 6.  If he doesn't go home I'm gonna have issues, though.  That was mean what Randy said, "I'm judging you for a Tim performance."

True, so true, mean Randy!  I thought Simon paid him a great complement.  It was almost like they were saying good bye to him, they know.

Casey James - Jealous Guy

Okay, that was soulful, meaningful, touching, real and heavy.  I voted for the first time this year and I voted for more than one person but this is the only performance I want to go watch again.  

D -Oh my, it almost made me cry.  He almost seems like a shy person in a way, it seemed like he almost started crying.

It did make you wonder who he was thinking of, cause it looked like his mom was crying too.

D - Yea it did look like his mom was crying or emotional.  I just want to know, I want to know the whole story.

It was my favorite performance tonight by far.

Siobhan Mangus - Across the Universe

That was simply beautiful.  I really liked what the other contestants said about each other and what they said about her vocals was pretty telling.  She came out tonight and showed a different side of herself, very controlled, simple, and beautiful.

D - I didn't like it.  I know it was controlled, I just didn't like it.  She's just too far out there for me.  I liked her so much more before they got to the big stage.  When she wore the white dress and those white shoes.  She's really changed since then, she's doing a lot more stuff, I guess they all are. 

Lee Dewyze - Hey Jude

What worries me about Lee is that he doesn't believe in himself.  I love his voice I love the vibe he has going on, I just worry about someone getting to the big time and not being sure of who they are and where they are going to take themselves, that worries me about him.  He needs to be the one driving this train not second guessing himself.  But with all that said  - he's one of my favorites and I want to see him succeed both in his music career and in his life. 

D - I love Lee, although I didn't understand the Scottish guy Anah had just fallen so I didn't really get to see him.  

Awe poor baby. She got shots and busted her lip in one day?  That's a bad day.

Instead of whose going home, pick you top three or your top five.

D - Crystal takes it all.  After her Siobhan, I don't really like her but she is good and then Casey,
I don't know mom, this is hard.  Let's see ... Crystal, Mike, Siobhan, Casey, and Lee this is not in the order that I like people but I'm guessing the top five.
For me, I want to see Crystal, Casey and Lee in the top three.  But Mike and Siobhan will be hard to beat out.  So, I agree with you on the top five, I'm just not sure how it will all shake out on the top three and I really don't know who will win this thing.  At first it was Crystal no doubt but like you said others are really starting to shine too.

Whose in the bottom three this week?

D - Tim, Aaron, and then Katy, I hate to say that, but I think that's what's going to happen.  Tim's going home 

So for me bottom three, that's hard, I agree with Tim and Aaron, performance wise. I just don't know who that third person will be.  The scary part of it is the results may not be on performance but on who votes.

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Nezzy said...

Thanks for bringin' us up to date. Ya know I don't watch the show but baby ya know I'll be beltin' out those wonderful songs 'round the Ponderosa today. Ohhhh, the cattle are in for a real treat! Heehehehe!

God bless and have a wonderful Wednesday!!!

Some Guy said...

Thanks for stopping by my recap.

I don't think anyone expected Mike to be at the bottom.

Laura said...

What a great breakdown-
You should work for an entertainment magazine!
I am so glad I found your blog this morning and I will be back.
I am now a follower-
Come see me if you have time.


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