Thursday, September 16, 2010

Brett Farve

We had this Jack Russell Terrier named Brett Farve. He was really my step son's dog but he became everybody's dog. He was the best mouser I have ever known. He didn't like kitties either.

So lately he started going down to the gate and getting out on the highway. I should clarify he wasn't technically on the highway he was in the bar ditch hunting by the highway. One day my husband was at the back of the ranch and he gets this phone call from a woman who said she was from California. She was driving by and saw Brett Farve on the highway and picked him up. She asked my husband what do you want me to do? He says well put him out, he'll go back to the house.

Well she didn't like that solution very much at all. But RS was working and couldn't come up to get the dog besides he knew leave him alone he'll go back to the house.

After a few days everyone around the ranch realized that we haven't seen Brett Farve in a while and started looking for him. Rickey and I were on our way to South Dakota when they called and asked is he had gotten in the cattle trailer and was going with us. We checked and sure enough he wasn't there.

Best we can tell the lady from California took him home with her.

She doesn't know what she has on her hands. I hope she doesn't have a kitty or a fluffy white dog. Brett doesn't like those. And he is lightning fast. It will be over before she even knows it's coming.

There is a difference with animals that live in the country and that are free to hunt. Some breeds can hunt themselves to far away and get lost, like Labrador retrievers or other hunting dogs. It's because they get their nose to the ground and just go. But Brett he was a different kind of guy.

We have three households here and a couple of barns. He could stay at any one of the houses and he like to hang out in the barns cause that's where the mice and the snakes were. We also show cattle and he liked to stay with them too. They lead a pretty pampered life.

You can't keep a dog like that couped up. He's used to hunting and checking things out.

We keep wondering if the lady from California is sorry that she took our dog and if her neighborhood will ever be the same.

And if there are any kittens left.

See ya.


Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

That stinks. Sorry about your dog.

jerriann said...

Thanks Tracey, poor puppy, I hope he's happy in California.

BTW, your crafts are amazing and your house is beautiful.

Diana said...

Poor thing!

jerriann said...

I know right! THe adventures of Brett Farve - must be a story there. We keep hoping the woman will call us and offer to meet us at least half way, we'll take him back.

Nezzy said...

Ya might take the dog outta the country but ya ain't gonna take the country outta the dog! Now, ya go to tryin' to make a Texas dog into a California dog, that'ell be a whole different story. I'm sure Miss California has no clue what's she's getting into.

Tiger the Wonder Dog travels all over the acreage and chasin' rabbits and other critters. I'd just dare someone to try to "Californiatize" him. :o)

Who knows as time passes the little guy just may find his way back! God bless and have a good day!

HappyascanB said...

Ooooh, I bet that ole' city lady has her hands FULL with Mr. Brett! What a hoot!

I am sorry he's MIA!

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