Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Giving the Barn it's Due

So yesterday I posted about our weekend in South Dakota and I got a little deep about September 11, so I wanted to give the barn and our friends their due.

This barn was existing on the ranch when they bought the property and they have restored her to be a place to gather and fellowship with friends and family.

The metal on the roof is new but the siding is the original siding that they painted.

On the interior they had to put in new floors, love the diagonal direction of the wood.

In the pictures that follow I was stuck with the gray and brown color pallet of the room. I just thought it was so "in".

I love how they used found objects and hung them all over. Pictured here is the new wood floor and stairs.

Love the small antlers, again so in however these are real.

I loved this coffee grinder. I don't want to use it but I would love to have it.

A little self portrait, I really loved this corner.

Sweet Sammie Sue, she was everybody's friend but just look at her, who can resist?


dls said...

What a wonderful, magical place. Old structures and especially this barn have a grace and beauty that is so lovely. Thanks for sharing these photos

Nezzy said...

It just looks like a place cryin' for a barn dance to me. I love it!!!

Enjoy your day sweetie!

Diana said...

Enjoyed all the super photos of the barn!!!!

Sonya@Beyond the Screen Door said...

This barn is amazing! What a fun place to gather! My daughter is engaged and SOOOO wants to get married in a barn! Too bad we don't live in SD.

Anonymous said...

Jerri - I'm back! Well dang it, girl, that's the nicest barn I've ever seen! Good to see you doing well. Sorry about Brett Favre being gone. He might show up one day. The California lady got a character!

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