Thursday, March 3, 2011

American Idol, The Girls

This season of American Idol is certainly going to be an exciting one.  The girls were amazing.  There are more than five to watch!!!!  I can't wait for tonight.

DRUMROLL PLEASE...............

Ta Tynisha Wilson-  LOVED the dress, but we felt the music was bigger than her voice.  It was ok, but at thre end of the night it didnt stand out.

Naima Adepapo-  She looked amazing and worked the stage really well.  She is very talented and it was a good performance.  But we agree with Randy, kinda loungy. Little Sarah, Danya's daughter said "awesome", and Little Anah Grace said "Nacho Cheese!!!!"

Kendra Chantelle-  LOVED HER.  Top 5???????  We all felt connected to her performance, and agree that she has just scratched the surface.  The bluesy sound and soulfulness in her voice is believable and authentic.  Awesome.

Rachel Zevita-  Shes a bbbaaadddddd girl........very unexpected, a little odd.  If Simon was there IDK what would have happened.  Loved the dress, but we totally agree with what Jenifer said.  Its sad because you can tell she really wants it.  Theatre could be a fit for her.  

Karen Rodriguez-  She looked and sounded beautiful and its great to hear the mixture of the Spanish and English together.  GO ON GIRL,  fabulous job. 

Lauren  Turner-  Big blusey vioce.  We liked the performance.  We want to see more from her and hope she makes it through.  We agree that she did exactly what she needed to do; pour herself out on stage and hold nothing back.   

Ashton Jones- She looked the part, loved the confidence and stage presence. WORK IT SISTA!!!  Didnt love the song, but she made it her own.  We agree diva in the making.

Julie Zorrilla-  Its a shame.  Behind the music, out of key, wrong song, her voice wasnt there.  Im sorry, but she is going home.  Lets put it this way: the only nice thing Steven could think to say was "It sounded good in the chorous."

Halet Reinhart-  We thought she did a great job with the song, and we would like to see more from her.  (**Sorry mom, but I just have to say- she is talented, theres no denying it.  Its just that she's always over the top with the seduction technique. We had the rewind it because Carlos thought something popped out of the top of her dress.  I would love to see her rein that in a couple clicks!!!  :))))

Thia Megia-  Doesent get any better.  It was the most beautiful thing we have ever heard.  Loved what Randy said and  we are captivated by her.  She is truly inspiring.

Lauren Alaina-  She doesent look sixteen!!  She rocked it,  natural talent.  Loved what the judges had to say and cant wait to watch her grow.  

Pia Toscano-  We loved it.  We were a little worried that she was last because of all the talent and great performances before her.  That was all in vain becaues she blew the doors DOWN!!!!!!! She is it!!!!  She already looks like a star.  Randy said it best:  "Not just the top performance of the night, but in the top of the standing O performances of all ten seasons!" 

Guest writer- Danya Bueno


Nezzy said...

I love how ya love it!!!

Your passion is contagious sweet sister!!!

God bless you day sweetie!!!

Rodney said...

i think there will be a girl winner this year as they seem to out shine the guys this time!(Hate to admit it!)

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Thank You,
Rodney(Annette's husband)

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