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American Idol Season 10

 Hello fellow bloggers, I have been away for a while, just kind of hit a spell where I didn't have much to say.  I have some new projects that I am excited to begin showing you soon, more on that later,

But first it's American Idol time!

As always I am joined by my daughter Danya and sometimes my honey and whoever else calls in with their thoughts and opinions ( mom ).   At times I will record the conversation as it goes, I am "j", Danya will be "d".  No one else does it this way, but I find our conversations can sometimes be where the fun is.  So, let me know, does it work for you?

We are all in agreement,  Love the judges!!!!!  Love them.  Baby Anah says she loves them too!  I didn't know that I would love Steven Tyler, but I do.  He is funny, fresh and so full of heart.  And J Lo is truly beautiful, both inside and out.  Even my honey likes Steven Tyler and that's saying something.

j - Even Randy is better.  What is it about that?
d - Yea, cause he's not so over shadowed by Simon.
j - Yea, and he's honest, because last night the first time he disagreed with the other two, I was thinking the exact same thing.  At least, I think that's what honesty is,  because he was agreeing with me,  lol.

Okay so let's get started

Oh, Oh yea, what about these new rules?  Where did that come from?  I'm not sure I understand the judges choices, do they get one pick each and that means that we will start with 8 guys and 8 girls?  And Danya points out that usually they go to the small stage first.  I guess we are seeing who can handle the pressure turned up as high as they can get it.

Clint Jun Gamboa - "Superstitious"

J - He's one of those guys that I don't expect that voice to come out of his body.  He's good,  just not one of my favorites.  I don't know maybe he'll grow on me.

D - Clint?   Oh, how could I forget Clint, mom. He's the one that kicked Jayce out.  I don't know, his talent is good, and even though he kicked Jayce out, he's in it to win.  So, hello, it's a competion.  Even though I don't like him.

Jovany Barreto - "I'll Be"

J - hmm, nice voice, did a good job.  I don't know, hope he doesn't have to go back to the shipyard,  but honestly, I'm just okay with him.  egh.

D - hahahah!  He is no Mark Anthony and he never will be.  That's all I have to say.

Steven and J Lo loved it but here is where Randy and I agreed, it was just okay.  hmm.

Jordan "I want to be a legend" Dorsey - "OMG"

J - He just blew it.  Based on the performance of the night, I don't think there is a chance he will stay.  And I kind of hope he goes home because I don't think I like his personality.  It seems like he will bring a hard edge to the show and who needs that?  I don't.

D -  ewwww!  He grosses me out.  I just don't think he is a very nice person, I think he is cocky and he is going home, buddy.  Except the forgiving judges, they might give him a second chance.

Tim Halprin - "Come On Over"

J - I really liked him during hollywood week and I hope he didn't just blow it.  He is who the judges should keep.  But, it didn't work last night.  Poor baby.  

Danya - he didn't do very good, but I do like him.

Brett Loewenstern - "Come On Baby Light My Fire"

J - WHAT??????

Danya - oh my gosh, he looked awkward and really nervous and you know I'm a little worried about him, he's really soft hearted, he's a really soft hearted person.  I like him, I thought he did good compared to some of the other people who bombed.  And Carlos is just holding on because he decided early on that he liked him.  Mom what did you think?

J - for me he is another one of those guys that I don't expect that voice to come out of.  He looks so fragile, but then that male voice comes out and I don't know, it just doesn't seem to match up for me.  But his hair did look great and he used it.  So funny.   But I do think he is a sweet kid and he could go on.

James Durbin - "You've Got Another Thing Comin"

J - In the top 5!   I love this kid, I am rooting for this kid.  I am praying he holds it together.  I liked that he wasn't too over the top, sometimes he seems to act out a little much, but then again that is to be expected.  I just think he could be an inspiration for so many to not give up and to overcome.

D - Love him.  Loved it.  And I don't usually like the rockers.  I think he is way better than Adam Lambert was.  I guess I like him because he has and is an overcomer.  He's got tourette's syndrome and asperger's and that's pretty crazy.  I think it's cool that even though he has the little twitches, he still goes up and gives it his all.

Robby Rosen- "In The Arms Of An Angel" 

J - Should have been so good, but it just didn't work.  With these crazy rules they have this year, they aren't going to get the opportunity to make many mistakes.  This was the one performance that I wondered what Simon would have said?

D - I like Robbie, I do.  I think that Robbie is really good and that he should go through.  Bad choice of a song, no one can sing Sarah McLaughlin but Sarah McLaughlin   ( sorry, not sure how to spell her name? )   I just want to say on a side note that Colton still should have gone through and on a side-side note I'm still not over losing the guy with the mullet last year.  Just sayin.

Scotty McCreery - "Letters From Home"

J - this song makes me cry every time, I can just see Jeremy in it.  WOW!  He did a good job.  He's body language is off to me.  I mean the leaning thing.  It doesn't look natural, it looks manufactured somehow.  I just wish he would relax and be more of who he really is.  And I think he may believe that the lean is who he is, but I just think, that somewhere along the way he picked up this country nice guy/tough guy thing and he leans in too much.

D - He was good.  I liked it.  I agree with the leaning thing, it's kind of cheesy.  I like him  and I get it that they like his deep voice but there are a couple of guys out there right now with deep voices and I am just asking how many deep voices can you have at one time? They sound so unique that you can only have one.  I like John Wayne and I though he was a nicer person.  He seemed more authinic and mature.  So add John Wayne to my list of misses.  I do think this competion will be good for Scotty, because he will have to sing other types of songs.

Stephano Langone - "Just The Way You Are"

J - To be honest I'm having a hard time right now remembering who he was.   Oh yea, he's the guy with that wasn't suppose to walk again.  Yea, his story is amazing, he seems like a great person, very genuine, I hope he makes it through.  I wasn't real into his song may not have been the best choice, I don't know, just wasn't memorable for me.  I felt like I wasn't seeing what the judges were, it must have been a lot better in person.  

D - I think that his personal story is amazing and I really like him because of that.  I mean those are some pretty wicked scars.  I thought he did pretty good last night but I wasn't really in love with his performance.

Paul McDonald - "Maggie"

J - I love this song!!!  Love that he brought back Rod Stewart.  I had to close my eyes because I couldn't keep my eyes on him moving all around.  Steven said the "McDonald two step", haha.  His voice is great and I think he is in the top five.

Danya - love him, love it, love the skinny jeans, love the pointy boots, love the smile.  I just really like him - a lot, he's kind of sexy - in a skinny sort of way.  I didn't love that song but I didn't know that song.  I want to hear him sing more.

Jacob Lusk - "A House Is Not A Home"

J - WOW - WOW - WOW!!!!  Top five.

D - Oh my gosh, I don't even know what to say.   You know how Randy said that,  "God Bless The Child", was the best performance ever on American Idol?  It was.  He was really good last night, I thought he looked really good, sounded amazing, he's the total package.  And why hasn't he been already discovered by somebody?

J - I get that, I keep wondering why we have to go through the whole competition just to see him sing again. It seems like he should be out there already.

Casy Abrams - " ? "

J - Top five.  Love this guy.  His talent is deep, you just never know where he is going to go with it and I think he is cute. Cute personality and fearless.  I love that.  

D - Love Casey.  He needs to get his teeth whitened.  I just had to say it.  He's cute, he's a cute guy, super-dupper talented, he needs to get his teeth whitened.  It would make it better.

 J - oh Danya, I love you child.  He is going to keep us on our toes.

Whose going home? 

J - Based on the performances last night, Jordan, Tim and Robbie are in danger of going home.  I'm on the fence with Brett and Jovane.  I hope, I really, really, hope that Tim and Robbie stay, I think they have deep talent and deserve another chance.  I would be okay with not seeing Jovane and Jordan again, but I would be sad if I don't get to see Tim and Robbie grow and mature on this stage.
D - Jovane, pack your bags; - Jordan, just a side note to the tall guy, when Usher sings Usher live, it's still not good.  Because they are playing the back ground on tape and Usher is just singing a little of it.  Rap never sounds good live never, never, never!  Except Eminiem, (sp?) he's is the only one I have ever heard sing rap live, that was any good.  Jordan has got to go.  Jovane, he's gotta go back to the ship yards.

Favorites ? 

J - without a doubt Jacob Lusk and Casey Abrams, also, James Durbin and Paul McDonald.  I think these are the guys to beat.

D - Jacob, Casey, Durbin, and the tall skinny guy.  See there's four people I like.  I think I would buy Paul McDonald's music, I like Casey because he's a little blues, a little jazz and I like that, and I like Jacob but I don't really know that I will buy his music.   Wouldn't it be great, though, if American Idol would just let him cut loose with a good ole gospel song?

The boys are good this year, better than the girls, I think.  I just really like Jacob Lusk, the kids told me if I ever watch that performance of "God Bless The child" again they are leaving!  Ha!  I may go home and play again, I wish I could turn the tv up louder.  I looked it up on itunes and there are a lot of big time singers that have done that song, but his is the best.  It's all about charisma, baby.

So what about the girls, well we'll see what they do tonight.  We'll blog the girls tomorrow.

See ya.

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