Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Tour

My last post talked about building this house, so I thought maybe some photos would be fun.  Plus it helps me see what I am doing in the decorating and making it home.  The decorations are simple this year.  Great time to host a Christmas open house.  I hope you enjoy.  

I have a burro collection and  I just  love them in art.  One of my first nativity's was this one with Mary on the burro holding Jesus and Joseph walking beside them.  I also seem to have an affinity for cardinals.  I am not showing all my cardinal decorations, I didn't want to bore you.  

my favorite nativity, their robes are really pretty.

I saved the best for last.  This is Tyler holding his present for me.  His Dad said he really worked hard picking this out.  I think this is so precious.  

Thank you for coming to my Christmas Home Tour.  Merry Christmas


Dawn Jenkins said...

Thanks for the your wood floors and the house looks so cozy. I have never seen a picture of Ricky before so that was a plus too! Keep on going you hot bloggin' Mama !!!! =)

The Crutchers said...

Well, I am caught up on your blog. Love your new layout! Your house is absolutley fabulous! Love all of your Christmas decorations!

Kim Layton said...

Your home looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing it with us! Merry Christmas!

Megan O. said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I appreciated your honesty. Your home looks beautiful and I really enjoyed your family photos in the post above it too. You seem to have a full, fun life! :)

cheryl said...

Love all the warm, rich colors! Very homey! Thanks for the tour. ;o)

Carol said...

Your home is beautiful! Would love to see more of your burros. The cardinals on the tree look great. Thanks for joining in the tour with us.

Merry Christmas from She Lives!

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