Friday, December 26, 2008

Pictures of Jeremy

Hi everyone, I wanted to share my photos of my precious son Jeremy.

This is the series of shots I took of him before he deployed.

I call this one "Hi Mom"

Caleb and Uncle Jeremy.  That's Sarah Kate looking on in the corner, waiting her turn to be tossed around.

This has been her smile lately, since she lost her two bottom teeth.

Gotta get the hair out of her face.

There we go, that's better. 

Caleb goes for another spin.

I love this photo, so good.

Here he is with his sister, Danya.  
When he was little, we told him that she was the big sister, 
so he shortened her name down to "Big".

Jeremy, Danya, Carlos, Sarah and Caleb.

Jeremy is flanked by his twin sister Kristen and her future sil, Callie.

He is one happy fellow.

Pretty, aren't they.

I went to Ft. Riley to attend the Deployment Ceremony, these next few pictures are from that day.

Jeremy and some of his buddies.

This is a picture of him w/his platoon Sargent

This is his best friend's youngest daughter.  The only baby he has ever changed a diaper for.  It was a cute story.   He must really like this one.  I look forward to the day when he is holding one of his own.  He will make a very good daddy.


So you ask me if I like him, well I really do.  When he was little he always wanted my attention.  When he went to Iraq he told me to open a myspace page so that we could instant message.  We have been able to talk almost every morning.

I enjoy it very much and always look forward to talking with him.  I wish I could save those conversations because some of them are pretty funny.

I thank God for my children.  I didn't deserve them but He gave them to me anyway, I am so blessed and so thankful.   One of my friends said that while she would like to think that she could give her life for one of her friends she knew that she could not give one of her children for any of us.  Yet that is exactly what God did.  God will see us through this time and Jeremy and all his buddies will come home to their families.  


dayna said...

Thank you for sharing your pictures...I have such admiration for Jeremy and his heart to serve and a heart for you as his mom honoring him. Your relationship with him is so wonderful and sweet.

The girls all look so proud of him, too. You and I both seem to have a blessing in the honorable men we have in our lives!

I would love to be a follower of you...and invite you to follow me! It's good to have a starter-blogger friend like you to inspire me.

jerriann said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amanda Dukatnik said...

Hello there!
Thank you for sharing these pics. I pray for you and your precious family every day! Love and miss ya girly!! :-)

Brent said...

American Heroes!

Thanks to Jeremy and men like him who sacrifice so we can enjoy the freedoms of this great country.

From a fellow veteran...

Dawn Jenkins said...

Loved the picture of Jeremy with Caleb over his back...what a face! Kristen and Danya are just too beautiful for words...just like their Mama. Can't wait to chat on the phone this week. Love ya!!! P.S. I will come scrapbook with you anytime =)

Dawn Jenkins said...

oh - I put my memory verse for LPM on my blog side bar...check it out!

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