Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hi everybody, I want to introduce you to the family.  I have learned a lesson in downloading pictures, I guess I should put the one I want to be first, last. Anyway, these are in no particular order.

Meet the girls, Danya and Kristen 

My grandmother.  Isn't she beautiful.  Her name is Sara and my granddaughter is named Sarah after her.  This is a picture of Mamaw's 97th birthday and she is holding the present that Sarah picked out for her, a box of Barbi Doll band-aides.  In her lap is a bunny rabbit stuffed toy that Caleb, Sarah's brother, picked out.

This is Jeremy and me.  

I am working on some bracelets and Sydney is holding them,  I just love the little chubby baby hands, she did not want to let go, she had found a treasure.

This is an earlier picture of Sydney, she is 6 months here, the "Gerber" baby.
Look at those blue eyes.

These are my dogs, Molley is the black labradoodle, Ellie is the one sitting on Booker.  She does that all the time.  Booker doesn't seem to care.  It's as if the concrete is too cold or hard for her to sit on, so she sits on Booker.  

These pictures are a couple years old of Sarah and Tyler but my favorites.

I wish you could see Tyler's face, all determination, "Do not let the girl win!"  

We had a sand pile in front of the construction site for the house,  I think this is the dirt the rock layer was using.  The kids loved playing on this mountain.  This is Caleb aka"K-Bob" rolling down the side of it.  they play with such abandon.

Humm, taste like ... dirt!

This is Tyler and he loves stickers.  This picture is suppose to be a couple of pictures down, you'll see why in a minute.

Back to Caleb and the dirt.


Pappaw and the grandkids, this was all the babies at the time this picture was taken.  

Yes, Tyler the sticker monster struck again.

They had a hard day.

And my handsome honey.  This is his serious face.  Sometimes he is the wise man and sometimes he is the 9 yrs old boy with a crush on me that wart's me for my attention.  I like the 9 year old and miss him when he is gone but the man, hmm, he's nice too.  

I couldn't sleep again last night and came in the studio and played with these pictures.  I downloaded a bunch off my camera and I have a bunch more I want to share with you.  I think this is probably enough for now.  Still to come some Jeremy pictures, my favorite places on the ranch, a great series of Papaw and the boys, and a fun one of Sarah and water.  Thank you for taking the time to look through someone else's family photos.  


Jenny said...

Love the pictures!

97! Your grandma looks great!

dayna said...

Your blog looks fabulous...like you are a pro! I posted my pics backwards at first, also. This whole blog network is fun....I was sooo excited to have new friends respond to my blog. I was actually giddy when I told firefighter hunk that someone out there actually read my page & said hi to me. What a great way to encourage and share with one another. I'm lovin it.

Thank you for your kind words. Your children are amazingly cute and your home gorgeous. I enjoy seeing happy families like yours. I pray God blesses your son overseas as he serves our country. I am humbled by his courage & dedication.

Noah's Mommy said...

what a beautiful family you have...

Dawn Jenkins said...

Loved the pics...I need to talk to you about our plans for Christmas...hoping to come out on Saturday morning! Love ya!

Gail said...

Hello from Gail in Australia. I had goosebumps as I read your blog and heard you write from your heart. Thank you so much for your comment which I read this morning. Last night was simply awesome. I have had the most amazing year walking with the Lord. He challenges me, makes me struggle and then rewards me with His peace, even when the outward problems still exist. I would love to keep in touch and share my journey with you probably via our blogs, though I'm not always brave enough to be as 'raw' as I'd like. I know little of Texas, barely nothing, but I look forward to learning more. Wishing you a Holy Christmas. Love Gail

a cowgirl at heart said...

Loved the pics, JA! To move the pictures, you can add them in the HTML mode (one of the two tabs at the top of the box you type your post in...the other mode is Compose). When you add a picture in HTML mode, you can highlight the code from beginning to end (they begin and end the same way, with the letter "a") and then cut and paste it to wherever you really want it.

I just read Dawn's comment about coming out to see you Saturday...I hope I can come, too!

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