Sunday, January 3, 2010

Twenty-Ten ToDo's

After the Christmas decorations are put up, I always want to simplify my surroundings.  Clear out clutter, look to the future and begin projects that I've been eyeing.   It just feels right.  It feels like I have waited the appropriate amount of time and now I'm making my move.  God willing things are about to happen.  

First on my list, and an impressive list it is I'm talking major painting projects this year, is the dining room. 

During the building stage and on paper this room was a "sitting  parlor".  We decided that we would not have a formal dining room because we never use it so this was going to be a library/reading room.  
But -- I had this dining table that I still loved

 and was not going to get rid of it.  It's a double pedestal ball and claw foot table.  

I got to thinking (note: can be very dangerous during building projects, just sayin) and wondered, "how many places can a girl sit in one house?"  

So I told the electricians to put a light in the middle of the room and ordered a fixture. 

I like her, I think she is interesting, pretty even.

and wa-la dining room.  

So far the this room and the table has only been used as a place put seasonal decorations. Here are the Easter decorations from earlier this year.

A little wishful thinking for Spring already.

And, I have recently added drapes to the room.


Here is a picture from the construction period before we moved in.  It shows you the room before the shelves.

And the front door entry area.

Okay, so now the dilemma.  I don't like the room.  Period.  I don't like it.  I didn't post this years Christmas pictures because . . .  I don't like them.  And I don't like the room.
It's like I'm practicing telling you so I'll be ready to state my case to my honey.  Note, he likes the room, hello.  I had already bought the shelves when I made the change.  They said they were "antique."  I don't know about that, but they were stupidly expensive, not one of my better buys.  When it came time to move the furniture in, I could not see another place for the shelves to go and thought they might be okay in the dining room and so, here we are.
Here's what I'm thinking.  
1. move the shelves out of the room.  I want to re-texture the room, it has a very smooth texture on the walls right now, re-paint and glaze.  I have had my eye on some Ralph Lauren carpet that is needlepoint leopard print.  

2. Sell the table and chairs.  Put two big, overstuffed wing back chairs with an over sized ottoman and let it be the parlor.  (Question, will that make the chandelier out of place?)


3.  Paint the shelves.  And then choose an option. 

One thing I feel about this room is that it's not really big enough for the shelves and the table and chairs and also that it is confused about what it's function is.  Is it a dining room or a reading room or both, or neither one.  See, I need help.  

If I move the shelves, I can put them in my master bedroom.  It is a large room, rectangle in shape and I have not finished it yet.  I have very tall, very dark headboard and foot board.  I'm thinking the shelves will help to balance the room.  

 This is the only picture I have of the bed, it was when we first moved in, now there are tables beside it and pretty linens and pillows on the bed.  

So that's the first project for 2010.  I could use some input, what do you think?  

Next the vent hood.

I'm thinking darker, maybe a metallic finish, like a bronze.  

That's enough for now, but I am just barely scratching the surface, there's the master bath redo, the ceiling in the entry that's just asking for some stenciling and glazing,  the Christmas storage organization room redo (ick, yea like that one's gonna happen), the courtyard landscaping, the . . .

2010, I'm planning a busy year.  Praying for busyness, projects baby, keeps me young.


Jenn said...

Goodness, Jerri, I'll pay YOU to let me come play at your house for a week! It's incredible!

I think you're right, the shelves are too much for the room. You have a GORGEOUS oversized table, and those shelves compete with it, not to mention covering up that gorgeous moulding detail. I would definitely scoot them to the bedroom. I love that area as a dining room, but I could totally see how it would be a great formal living/parlor and a wonderful place to entertain guests. The open area and the columns are fabulous, and would definitely showcase a sitting area arrangement.

I'll be checking in from now on, because I adore your home and can't wait to see what you do with it! Thanks for finding me! :)


The Stylish House said...

Hi Jerri,
I appreciate the rustic, yet elegant design approach you are using. It reminds me of Old World European style, which was accumulated over time.
Since you asked, I suggest you decide how you want to use this space first. Do you need or desire a dining room or a library/sitting area the most? Once you settle this question it should show you the direction to run with.
Love your idea about texturing the walls and the new rug. If you keep the table go with a size a tad larger then your current one. Also a deeper paint color would create a richer look.
If you opt to keep the table and bookcase combination, the key to making them work is introducing color, and accessorizing effectively. You will have to play around until you get the right look. Treat the bookshelf similar to a hutch or display case, but include leather bound books. Mix together objects such as pictures, boxes, a clock, goblets, dishes/platters on stands etc. Perhaps some equestrian items such as a riding helmet. Begin by removing everything from the bookcase and stand back and view the entire space. Notice how your stone pillars create a strong horizontal line, and so does the bookcase. If you can remove some of the shelves it will create more vertical spaces, and loosen it up. Try removing a shelf from the center just below eye level. Place a focal point object here such as an urn or statue and work the rest of the pieces around this.
Color is needed to break up the expanse of brown. Try buying foam core from the craft store. Cut it to size and place against some of the back panels. It can be wrapped in fabric or wallpaper, painted and used in various combinations. This way you don’t have to paint the actual bookcase and you can try different looks.
Concerning colors aim for a muted color palate similar to your drapery with pops of mustard rather then yellow.
I suggest removing the ladder, visually it looks to busy with the table. I like how you propped in the corner in one of your photos. An idea is to hang a large oversized tassel from the side of it!
If you opt to remove the dining table and make it into a sitting area, the chandelier can remain as long as you place something under it so you don’t bump into it. Perhaps you could put a smaller round table between the two chairs or an oversized round ottoman.
You have a beautiful home, and I look forward to seeing what you end up doing!

Nezzy said...

I love that table and totally understand the dining room, which is just beautiful. Heck, the whole dang house is incredible. A girl needs a plan doesn't she? I'm looking forward to seein' what ya'll do.

Have a very blessed day my friend!!!

Dawn Jenkins said...

I have no suggestions except to say I love the curtains. Ha, that's it! I know no matter what you do I will love it! Do you guys ever eat in there? If you do...keep the table and move the book shelves b/c they are AMAZING! If you don't use the table then move it but I don't know where else you could use it. I agree the darker color would look nice in there with the wood work...HEY, maybe I do have a few ideas!
Love ya!

jerriann said...

Mom says via phone message; "Okay, you have a library upstairs with your pretty furniture and chairs and things, you can go up there and read. So move that bookcase into your bedroom, keep the table, put big pretty rug your talking about and paint. It's going to look great when you get through. Love you. Bye, bye."

Well I guess that just about does it. Thanks Mom.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jerri,
It looks like you've gotten some great advice already. I agree that the bookshelves are too much with the table, so you have to choose one or the other. It DOES make a great dining room, but your idea of creating a reading area (leaving the bookshelves then, of course) would work too. There isn't a right or wrong for how to use it, it just depends on what works best for you.

You have a beautiful home and those new drapes are fabulous! I'll be interested to see what you decide (sounds like mom may already have helped you choose? :-) )

Diana said...

I'll be no help on this, but I think the house is fab! I know you will come up with the right solutions to all of these things that are driving you a little crazy.

I need a tour of the place!

Thanks for getting on the "Texas List."

Diana said...

Meant to tell you to encourage any others to come over!

And I already follow you!

The Crutchers said...

If you move the shelves into your bedroom you can always add a buffet type table or something in the dining room in its place. The vent hood i think would be gorgeous in bronze or with some sort of stenciled design or something. The drapes are FAB! Love the table! Dont ever get rid of it!

Nishant said...

The open area and the columns are fabulous, and would definitely showcase a sitting area arrangement.

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Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Your home is absolutely beautiful. Since you have a sitting room upstairs I would keep the room as a dining room...and the table is gorgeous. I would have a design painted or stenciled on the kitchen hood. Maybe something that appears aged and looks like a fresco painting.

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