Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We Are So Blessed in America

My honey has had his third chemo treatment yesterday, he is doing well but we have been warned that this can be the hardest treatment yet.  Thankfully he has not suffered from nausea or being sick to his stomach.  Praise God for that, Thank You Lord.  

The reason this is the hardest one is because the count of his white blood cells will be down to the lowest number and this is the treatment that really kills the cancer cells.  Also, because his white blood count is so down so low, his blood can't carry as much oxygen as normal and he will feel more fatigued.  That makes sense.  

Still, he went out this morning, fed the cows and checked water.  We've had lunch and he has taken his afternoon nap.  I think I just heard the door shut so he must be out the door again and I am getting ready to get supper on the table.  

Amazing really, isn't it?  For most of us, we woke up this morning and went on with life as usual, not having to give much thought to the utter, total, unimaginable, horrific pictures do not tell the story, devastation that is going on in Haiti.  I mean, I have spent the day on the Internet looking at rugs.  It has taken all day, there are a lot of rugs out there!  Meanwhile, the poorest people in the western hemisphere are spending the second night in a row outside.  Wondering . . .  I can't imagine what they must be wondering, what you would be feeling or even if you could feel anything at all after something like a 7.0 magnitude earth quake that was only 6 miles under ground.  Anything would fall.  I would be in shock.

What comes to mind is it could happen here.  It could happen in an instant, one minute your cooking supper and the next your sleeping outside, maybe looking for missing family members.

I am not very good at writing what is in my heart at times like this but I just felt the need to try to express how fortunate we are in America.  I know we have problems here but really we are so blessed.   

Go, hug your family, smile at your children and love on your husband.  And pray for the people of Haiti and pray for this country as well.  


Be Blessed.   


Anonymous said...

Good news on your husband's treatment so far.
It's odd - when I wrote in my post something about a 2d bathroom and rooms and hardwood floors I thought about something similar to your thoughts (I had not heard about Haitii at the time). No, we don't know what will strike nor when - nor how we'll react. It's hard sometimes to keep on keepin' on when people are struggling - chemo treatments or earthquakes. Take care! Jenn

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Loved your thoughts on of my favorite quotes is from "Out of Africa," Isak Dinesen: "Maybe God made the earth round so that we could not see very far down the road..." It came to my mind as I read your musings on how we just don't know what's in store...But His eye is on the sparrow...all we can do is trust. C

Mzzterry said...

beautiful thoughts. we need to be thankful for every.little .blessing. truely. things like today bring it home. My first visit...i shall return. God Bless You & your husband.

Kathryn said...

Visiting you from the Texas Bloggin Gals list....

I wish I lived where YOU live in Texas! Would love to live in the country...on a ranch...instead of the concrete of Dallas. :)

You are right about Haiti...what a horrific thought.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband as he undergoes treatment.


Nezzy said...

The devastation in Haiti breaks my heart. The country is one of the neediest in the world on a good day. I pray for the residents and the workers who are lending a helping hand. Yes, not a one of us are promised tomorrow and we do live in a blessed country.

I'm so glad your Hub's treatments are goin' well. I have kept him in my prayers. God is good!

Take care and have just the best day in the Lord!!!

Anonymous said...

Just want you to know that I mentioned your post w/a link to it in my post of today. I doubt you'll mind, but if you do, I'll be glad to change it. Just let me know.

Thanks again for your posts. Glad you are blogging! Glad I found your blog!

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