Friday, January 29, 2010

Winter Scapes

Whew, that was quite the storm.  What a difference a day makes.   I can't help but think about what folks went through back in the day.  No weather forecasters to tell you whats coming days ahead of time.  No time to buy groceries, fill the car up, have your cell phones charged and stack up the firewood.  Of course, it could be mentioned that they didn't really need grocery stores, they had cellars with all their canned goods.  And they didn't have cell phones and most likely didn't need to fill up their cars. But whatever, they still didn't know it was coming and I did so I'm thankful for that.  So, Thank You Lord, thank You for fire, and fireplaces, and blankets and weather forecasters.  And Jesus.    

The freezing rains blew in late Wednesday night and lasted all day Thursday.  We lost electricity around 11:00 a.m. and it came back on around 7:00 p.m.  I think we were very fortunate.  And also I am thankful for fire and fireplaces...I said that. Yea, especially for fireplaces, fire without fire places - not as good.   

Poor girls they look really cold.  
But we must remember they have thick hides and hair and they are built for this kind of stuff.  In the wild they would not have a rancher breaking ice and feeding them hay. 

They are not people they are cows........well these are heifers.

Look closely, there are a couple little birds in this bush.

Horses are frisky no matter what the weather is like.

And beautiful.

Be safe, stay warm, I pray you don't lose your electricity.


HappyascanB said...

Beautiful pictures! I can't imagine being that cold, snowed in and not having power!?!?!!? Thank God for fireplaces!!!

Deb said...

Jerri...great photos...looks so cold...we have had a lot of rain here in Texas and we are in the 30's going down to the 20's...last week we were in the 70's...that's the way it is here...glad your electricity is back on...

Nezzy said...

Fantastic pictures capturing the moment. I'm so glad your power is back on. We farm chicks can handle about anythings a long a we've got the "power!" More ways than one! Yep, the stinkin' storm is parked right on top of us. Nasty for us and the poor livestock. Poor cattle are walkin' around with a heap of snow and ice on their backs! BTW: Love my fireplace, it's saved us more that I care to admit.

You have yourself a splendid weekend beautiful friend!!!

Gamma Sharon said...

Absolutely amazing! It does look so pretty with the frost on the trees. So glad you stayed warm... I love fireplaces!

Anonymous said...

brrrr....brrrr....brrrr.....brrr...I think there's a draft drifting up my legs! The pictures are gorgeous, especially the horses with ice on their faces. Love 'em.
Going for something warm to drink.

skoots1mom said...

the storm came toward us and actually hit about 10 miles north of us...we had a little frozen precip this a.m. on the back porch but NO white stuff for us. :\
So glad your power's back...
love all your shots...especially the frost-bearded chestnut
my stepdad has some quarter horses, several paints and chestnuts and a few yearlings he'll be saddle breaking soon :)
wishing you lots of warmth :)

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