Thursday, August 27, 2009

Craft Room

Thanks to Misty at Studio M Designs, she is featuring my craft room today.  So if you have come from Studio M, please click here to see the craft room post that I like the most.  And the one that caught Misty's eye.  Thank you.  

If you like looking at other peoples grandkids, please feel free to scroll down.  I kind of like um and would be honored to hear your oohs and aahs, :)   

This week I featured most of my grand babies.  Two of them are not featured but in honor of my mom and dad who couldn't be here when baby Hadley arrived, I dedicated this week to catching them up on the most recent pictures.

They couldn't stand it, however, so they are loading up tomorrow and making the trek across Texas to come see for themselves.  haha poor daddy, he says he's down in his right hip and mom is down in her left hip.  I guess if they plan it out just right they can balance each other out.  


See ya.   

1 comment:

Misti of Studio M Designs said...

Your dad sounds as funny as mine! I bet they are going to LOVE their visit with all the grandbabies!


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