Wednesday, August 26, 2009

No So Wordless Wednesday

The Big Kids

These are the oldest of our grandchildren.  They have a special bond and friendship.  Caleb and Sarah are brother and sister and in this picture; K-bob done messed up and sister told him about it!  I know, I saw through the lens of my camera.  He messed with baby Anah in a way that she didn't approve of and she let him know.  

It was quiet impressive, really.  She never raised her voice and she never looked away, just told him and made it stick.  He, however, pouted.  Funny how boys and girls are wired.  Remember this when you see your husband getting a little too distant, could be you "told him" and he's pouting.  
Tyler, on the other hand was just glad it wasn't his turn.  haha

True to form, though, they were all happy again and we were off.

Suddenly, we notice brother's hair is messed up.

 Mom to the rescue.  Fortunately, for him, there was water nearby.

Now, that's my smiley faced boy.

The thing that I love about these kiddo's, is the hope that one day they will stand at each other's wedding and say, "I have known you my whole life and I remember when we ___"
I think relationships that are formed early in life and are nurtured through the years are special and few have them.  
They truly love each other.

When Sarah and Caleb come to my house, Tyler tells his dad, "bye, I'll be home when Sarah and K-bob go home."
Tyler is one who named Caleb, K-bob.

That's all folks.  Bye now.


Belinda said...

such a sweet group of kiddo's Love the pictures

HappyascanB said...

So many little things I love about these precious pictures! Sister's face when she's correcting her brother. Brother's pouty face. The hair! And last but certainly not least, Anah's slow fall down the lap!!! Too cute!!!

Gigi said...

I enjoyed all your gkids photos. I am a young 40 gmother to 3 girls and another one on the way in March. I just can't take enough photos of them. I know exactly how you feel. Dote on them anytime! Loved your blog.

Dawn Jenkins said...

What good looking grandkids...seriously!!!

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