Saturday, August 8, 2009

While We're Waiting

I have a one track mind.  I can't think of anything but what Kristen is doing.  Are there any contractions?  No!  None?  Nothing?  Nada!!!  Hadley, it's time to come out.  We are waiting to meet you.  I get so excited when one of these young ones are getting ready to make their debut.  

Haddy, I've already talked to your mommy and she says she's ready too.  So it's okay, you can come now.  

Father, in Jesus' name, I thank You for my unborn grand child.  I treasure this child and all the children as a gift from You.   This child was created in Your image, perfectly healthy and complete.  You have know my grand child since conception and know the path she will take with her life.  I ask Your blessing up her and stand and believe in her salvation through Jesus Christ.
When You created man and woman, You called them blessed and crowned them with glory and honor.  It is in You, Father, that this child will live and move and have her being.   She is Your offspring and will come to worship and praise You. 
Heavenly Father, I thank and praise You for the great things You have done and are continuing to do.  I am in awe at the miracle of life You have placed inside my sweet daughter Kristen.  Thank You! Amen. 

In the meantime, things that are happening . . .
Some of the deer grazing in the pasture right behind the house.  I have been spotting deer almost every evening and some elk too.  The middle one is a nice buck. 

Pappaw and I were driving to town when we drove up on the beginning of a grass fire.  A landscaping crew was pulling a trailer that lost a tire and the resulting sparks, well . . .  sparked a fire.  

One of our local fire trucks was quick on the scene and Pappaw put on his fireman's overalls and climb on board to assist in putting out the fire.  

This young man is what I like to believe our future looks like in this country.  Young, strong, willing to work.  He is a high school graduate, working in the summer, planning for college in the fall and playing with their football team, then going to the army to be among our finest.

Not that everybody has to play football or go to college but everybody should get an education and make it a good one.  Anyway, I don't want to get on my soapbox on this subject but I admired this young man because while the others with him stood on the side of the road and watched, he grabbed a shovel and started putting out some of the smaller fires.  Bravo to his mom and dad for teaching him to work and to look for opportunities to help out.  Okay I can feel it, it's beginning . . .  the soapbox thing.

Later that afternoon, this fire was started by a passing car throwing out a cigarette, it burned 3,000 to 4,000 acres of ranch land.  Fortunately it didn't get to this gorgeous crop of cotton.  My husband and the volunteer firemen from three counties stayed on this one for two days.  They would get it out and then a hot spot would start back up, the next day the wind was blowing really hard and started it back up.  Hadley, don't ever smoke!  

So that's it, miss Hadley Ann, that's what is happening while we are waiting for you.  Can't wait to meet you sweet baby girl, you have a cousin just a few months older than you waiting and another one coming in December.  

Thank you Father in Heaven.  Bless the children and their parents.

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