Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

I'm worn plumb out!  I have missed you guys though, I look forward to the days when things slow down a bit and I have lots of leisurely time to sit at my computer and just blog away.  Oh sigh.  Yea Right!  I get the feeling that things are on overdrive and just may stay this way for a while.  Not complaining, I'm just sayin' that's all. 

Baby shower last this weekend went really well.  The family and friends that were able to come were such a joy to have and we had a really good time.  
I love to entertain and want to do much more of it.  I'm not very good at it but I gave my best shot.  Makes me want to do it again so that I can get right the next time, you know.  I have been checking out the Hostess {with the Mostess} blog and found an example of a candy bar.  So I gave it a try.  
What do you think?  I can see a few things to be done better next time, but overall it was a hit.

I love it when the men help, they are so cute.  That's my honey and my step-son, Jason, taking car of the tangle the balloons were in.

My oldest Danya in the coral shirt, Jason's girlfriend Brandi in the white and bff's of Kristen's.

The guest of honor Kristen and her grand-mother in law in the zebra stripe.

What do you think?  The candy bar came off well and everyone really liked it but the white wall behind it didn't do much for the picture.  I have a cabinet that I had made for this spot in my garage waiting to be finished, next time the candy bar will be on that . . . maybe.

Awe, Anah.

What fun!

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Kelly's Ideas said...

Great pictures... Anything with candy is always a winner!

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