Saturday, August 15, 2009

This Week from the Craft Room

Sounds like a title for a new blog to me.  Not that I could handle more than one, mind you, but this has been a productive week.  Poor honey, no dinners, no company, he just lead a lonely life cause his women was in the "crap room",  as he calls it.  One of the gals here on the ranch calls it the "cockpit."  I think that's because it is on the second story of my house and looks out over the front of the ranch, so you can kind of watch whose coming and going, that would be another story.   
So, this week, I worked on a small dresser for Kristen's nursery, which by the way I need to take some pictures of and show you.  Actually, she's not finished with it yet.  Close.   She found out that decorating can be harder than she thought when it comes to something this important. 

 We were both very glad she didn't have a wedding,  just choosing the bedding for the baby's bed took a dozen trips to the shops and hundreds of hours on the internet and still she couldn't find one she wanted.  So we decided to have it custom made and the word "custom" made her run screaming to the back of the ranch . . . what's a mother to do, I ask you?  Having grown children is way harder than having little ones.  I mean there is no executive decisions I  get to , um - have to make, no meddling, no getting in the middle of things and my personal favorite, no grounding.  (However grounding was my sanity back in the days of yore.)  I can only give a few suggestions, that's all.  It's way better that way, really.  I like it . . . can you say  f r e e d o m ?  I'm just sayin', cause most of you are young women either with the sweet little babies at you feet or waiting for one of the little darlings or still on the battlefield.  (did I say that?)

Soon baby, soon . . . soon like Tuesday soon.  Her due date is the 17th ( I know I've told you already, 'bout a dozen times.  But at this older age we start repeating ourselves,  give me a break I've come from the battle field, for heaven's sake! :)  


Back to the post at hand.  So the craft room . . . I also worked on a picture frame and it turn out pretty darn cute, if I say so myself.  This was one of those projects I got started on late one night and I couldn't stop and poor honey, he went to bed alone, again.  However that may have been a blessed thing, cause he came home the other day with "breath right" strips and asked me if I would wear them?  WHAT!  I guess I've been sleeping a little too soundly at night.  And I thought he was waking me up at 4 every morning for . . .  nevermind.  Now, I think it was because the woman laying next to him was snoring, loudly.  Hmm, whatever, wonder where she is?? um hmm, that's right -  it wasn't me.

So back to the crap room . . . how do these two projects have anything to do with each other, you ask?  You did ask that didn't you?  Well,  I love the texture the paint has on the frame, I have been trying to figure out how to do this on a larger scale.  I have this cute little round table just waiting in the wings and then the sofa table could use a little color and I saw this beautiful armoire in a book and I'm just dying to make that happen and I have this huge hutch I had made for my breakfast room.   And . . . whew so down there nessie.  (where did that come from?!  I need to change my music.)  I think I may be doing some painting for a while, then of course there is the walk, I have a few ideas for that as well.  I'll show you when it gets a little further along.  Right now those projects are a little rough.
And then there's the organizing.  This week I put together some chrome shelf units and worked on cleaning up.  I've decided I need more cute things in here. 
Seriously, this post took on a life of it's own.  No more Billy Ray Cyrus music in here.  How did I get that cd anyway?  


Misti of Studio M Designs said...

Girl-You are too funny for words! I am sitting here with my eyes bugging out at your crap/craft room!

I WOULD LOVE TO DO A POST ON YOUR ROOM! Please, please, please, send me pictures! Would you let me do an entire post on you and your room? That is the ultimate freaking craft room!

Could I come hang out with you? Got some coffee for me? Maybe some wine? Throw in some cheesecake and we could get some serious crafting done together!

Seriously--I would love to do a post on your craft room. Email me at

Have an awesome weekend!


Jill said...

Too funny!!! and I can't believe husband calls it the "crap room" TOO!!!!!! must be a guy thing! LOVE your room, can't wait to see more!

Janera said...

The dresser is looking great! You must be a neater painter than I am, because you don't have a drop on you or on the floor. I'm impressed! lol

Wow! What a craft room! Lucky girl!

Dawn Jenkins said...

Love the dresser, love the pregnant belly, love your writing, and really lovin' that crap room! Ha!

"Blossom" said...

My craft room is large like yours but no way is it as organized. I have wood shelves built all around the room that stores all the stuff.
This is a real inspiration for me.
Who knows maybe I'll get to the craft room one of these days.
This is awesome.

southerninspiration said...

So glad Misti introduced me to you kind of your post, and LoOOOVVVEEEE your crap room!! oooohhhh, and where in TX are you, my TX buddy???? I'm in the Houston area.....


Victoria@WhimsybyVictoria said...

New to your blog via Misti~Love your craft room transformation!! Beatiful!! I am envious of the all the space and loving the island much room to work on! Nice to meet you and will be back often to visit!

Hugs to you,

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