Friday, November 13, 2009

Basically I got nothing.  But I love my blog and blog land so I got to come up with something.  So, here it is.  

I found this message painted on a sign and I thought it was worth keeping.

od didn't promise days without pain, 
laughter without sorrow, 
sun without rain.

But He did promise strength for the day, 
comfort for the pain 
and light for the way. 

This is an encouraging message but check out these beautiful letters.  I found them at the Daily Drop Cap.  This girl is amazing.  She does all the letters by hand, I think that's what it says about her.  
I love the alphabet and beautifully written words.  This is one thing that I am planning on working on.  My lettering with  paint or pen leaves a lot lacking.  About the best I could do is copy her, though.  I don't think this kind of stuff is in my head.  Go check her out.



Nezzy said...

Very beautifully detailed lettering. The girl has talent! Thanks for sharing, I'm gonna go check her out.

Have a fantastically blessed weekend filled with beauty and laughter!!!

Cyndi said...

Jeriann, thanks for stopping by my blog. And i loved your post. I think I needed it. Been missing my Mom so much today. I went by the church she worked at today and her grave. Just want to talk to her soo bad. So much I need to tell her. Oh well, thanks for your sweet sweet spirit!

© Jennifer Raley said...

Hey - I have not been by in a while, looks like you might also have been away for awhile? Drop by my blog and pick up on the 30 Days of Thanksgiving (sidebar button will get you there) and there's a Thanksgiving CHallenge (also sidebar). It's been awesome. Some great thanks-giving and more wonderful people.

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