Wednesday, November 18, 2009

High Center but still Keeping it Real

I have been home from working a walk weekend for 10 days now and I just can't seem to get off high center.  Seems like I can't get my energy level back.  So today, I looked at the sad state my blog page is in and felt sorry for it.  So instead of waiting for the projects to be finished, I decided that I would show you the "in progress" pictures.  You know keeping it real.  There is a wealth of "keeping it real" things to show you around here.  This ought to keep me posting for some time.

Meet Donny and his son Blaze.

Actually you have met them before but what the heck we'll just start from here.
Oh yea, by the way, Blaze is single, extremely talented and hard working and pretty eyes with looonng eye lashes that I think are extremely unfair on a boy.  I'm just sayin'!

This is the product that we went to school for earlier this summer.  Starts with cement, not just any kind of cement, this is special cement.

Blaze has figured out the high tech equipment to make the work more efficient.  Looks like some kind of scoop out of the feed store to me.

Anyhoo, you can start to get the picture here.

That's the back porch . . .

here is some pictures from the front.  This shows the color of the finished product.  Pretty huh.
 Not flagstone ... flagstone look alike with red brick.
Our brand.


Nice house in the background, if I do say so myself.  I designed it.  With some help but still out of my head.  I used inspiration pictures to show the architect, designer and the builder what I wanted.  I learned one thing during the building project; know what you want!  Don't give options, tell them exactly what you want, find pictures to show to them.  It helps with communication.   

And now for the Keeping It Real part:

Ta Da ...
um-hum, that's right.  
This courtyard is gonna be the death of me yet.  This will be the year of landscaping the courtyard! 
It. will. be. pretty! !!

*sigh*  I feel better somehow.

And finally, this little guy.

Handsome, yes?  We have a little girl coming.  I have been waiting for three years to see him go up.  Patience + perseverance =  . . . something, I don't know what, he's finally up though.

And now for the front door.  Two things here - first the wreath is too small but that is new knowledge for me.  Thanks to the Nester I now know what I should be looking for when choosing a wreath for my front door.  Thank you to all the talented decorators here in blogland, I frequently stalk your sites.  I appreciate all that you teach.  Next time the wreath will be proportionate to the door.  AND # 2 the lack of the door bell - seriously, did you get a look at this house?  You would think we would have little things like that finished but NOOOOOO!

Funny little picture.

Thank you all for your patience with me while I get myself off high center.  

See ya tomorrow for some more great picture posting of "Keeping it Real"
(could there be a tune to that?) 



Nezzy said...

It all is just beautiful. I love all the not~stonework. You are blessed even without a ding~dong door bell!!!

Have a fantastically blessed day enjoying your lovely home. God bless....

jerriann said...

Nezzy I love you, you always make me chuckle. Thanks.

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