Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Baby Grace Watch

Anah Grace is almost here and I can hardly wait!  She will be number seven for Pappaw and Nanoo.  Right now March 31 st is the date unless Mom goes into labor by herself.  Which she is quick to remind me she never does.  But hey, she might! 

Big sister Sarah and big brother Caleb, oh boy, these kid's world is about to change.  They have no idea, but this look on their faces may be one we see a lot more of.

This dish towel she is holding says, Mommy's sippy cup.  yea, this and a bath full of hot water and a lock door.  At least that is what got me through some of those years.  But of course all three kids were at the door asking me when I was coming out.

The hostesses, Emily, Kristen and Jayce.  Thank you ladies.  It was a very nice baby shower.

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Dawn Jenkins said...

Love the picture of the kids, love the diaper bag, love the picture of you and your two girls. Anah is a beautiful name (very different but simple and elegant)- almost makes me want to have a little girl...almost =)

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