Friday, March 13, 2009

Fashion Friday, Do I Need a Make Over? Staging Your Comeback

I found this book on the shelf at Target.  As I was waiting for my daughter, I began to look through it's pages and then I knew it!  It was a ZINGER!  You know, one of those things that you must own.  It goes like this: 
if I leave the store without it, 
I will go home and think about it, 
then I will have to come back and find it, 
if it's not there I will regret it, 
and whine about it, 
Girls, that takes lots of hard shopping time to hone a feeling like that.  This is not a superficial thing, zingers, it is a deep knowing.  In a piece of clothing, it is knowing that you will love. it. and wear. it. ever time it's clean.  Those are the thing I buy.  My motto is,  "It. Must. Be. A. Zinger"!  (enough with the periods already) 

"Staging Your Comeback" is a beauty book for women over 45.  I need this book.  Somewhere between raising children and getting them raised, I lost touch on fashion and how to wear it and also on make-up.  Things are just droopy now. You know, it was easy as a young person, everything looked great, didn't need much make up, now, not so much.  So, I stayed away from it.  I have to admit, however, that I got bored with my looks and let it suck the joy out of my day.  I quit putting on makeup because I wasn't working outside the home anymore and no one was going to see me, right.  As it turns out I always ended up in town and running into people I knew.  I'm not saying that I got depressed, because I didn't, but I wasn't looking my best and that at the end of the day, it's just no fun.  I found that every time I went into the office at my kids high school, my friends would say, (yes I went there often enough to have friends) "you look like you don't feel good, or you look tired".  No, I feel great and I am well rested, I just don't have makeup on!  I want to have fun and look good doing it. That may be vain but it is truth.  

The first quiz was on discovering your image.  Ok I did something that could be dangerous, I asked my husband the first question.  Here it is, 
1.  If you were given on honest compliment, it would be: (honey, what would it be?)
a.  You look like you have it all together. (he knows that's not true, no chance of that)
b.  You are so comfortable to be with. ( I've heard that one before, but they were just being nice)
c.  You're very sweet and kind. (um, who wants that one)
d.  You are stunning! (I'm feeling a buzz here)
e.  You're quite unique and interesting. (Yep, I could do that one)
f.  What a sexy woman! (Usetobe)

His answer, I don't know, I guess, you're sweet and kind?  My face froze with one eyebrow up.  The realization registers in his mind that that was not what I was looking for.   Honestly I wanted, at that moment, to hear You. Are. Stunning!  Your sweet and kind felt like being told you have a great personality when the guy doesn't want to go out with you anymore.  What I wanted to be hear is your pretty, or beautiful or even stunning!  I've never been told that I am stunning but who wouldn't want to be told that by their man?  

O.K. so I take the quiz and it says that I am a Dramatic.  What!  A DRA-MA-TIC!  I'm not a Dramatic!  In a room by myself, I hear the words coming outta my mouth.  

Well, maybe a bit dramatic.  I thought I would be a causal or a classic.  For heaven's sake I wear nothing but jeans and t-shirts.  How can that be dramatic?  Who am I?  What does a dramatic do?  How do blue jeans be dramatic?  

I know these aren't jeans but the shirt is!

Funny thing because the first buzz word for a dramatic is stunning.  I wanted to be called stunning and then, when I was, it didn't feel right.  So I closed the book.  

Fast forward to today, I decided to give it another try and re-took the quiz.  I am a classic with a side of casual/dramatic.  Whew, that was close.  Now that feels more comfortable.  And the buzz words; elegant (yes in jeans) tasteful (again jeans) understated(definately jeans), easy care, natural, and stunning!  Go figure, God is so good.

So, I decided if your going to do this thing, watch what the "big" girls do and copy them,  So in tribute to BigMamma, I am doing a fashion Friday make-over gig.  Follow me as I discover how to walk through this maze called fashion, on an over 50 body and a slightly out of touch grandmother.     


Rachel said...

Sounds like fun!! I had a minor self-makeover post-baby - I kind of rediscovered my fashion self more than I had ever done before. So I get what you mean - I think once you get started, it will be fun and easy.

Thanks for visiting my blog today! I hope the jeans post helps you on your path to self-makeover!! And, if you didn't read the first post of that series, definitely give it a whirl before going out - there were a lot more specifics in it of what to look for and what to avoid. And have fun!!! :)

Janera said...

oh, I got that book too! It just spoke to me. Haven't ever paid much attention to beauty, except to long for it, but it seemed like something I should think about again. lol

Problem is, there's no chapter on short fluffy ladies over 50. SHould have checked the table of contents first.

Dawn Jenkins said...

You crack me up - poor Ricky! I love your new design - totally you and sooo cute! I am not 50 but think I should read it anyway.

Sherry said...

I will try to make over with you....I will put on makeup!

Look what a sacrifice I am making....LOL!

What does it say about elastic waist pants? I LOVE ELASTIC!
It is my friend!

I am doing great, thanks for checking on me. About two weeks after our "babydoll" was found to have leukemia, my mom was diagnosed with cancer, at first she didn't want anyone to know so I am not posting it on my blog. Now I think the whole town knows, but she is a private person. There is nothing that can be done for her either, she has good days and bad days, but who would have thought we would have had a dad on one side of our family and a mom on the other so close together with this awful disease, so keep me in your prayes sweet sister, I know God is with me and I will never have more than He won't help me handle. LOL

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