Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Top 12, oops 11 - American Idol

Hey, it's Danya (D) and me (SS).  The honey was pining away for me to go on a drive in the country with him, so we took a four day drive and just got back in this afternoon.  

I know you guys were just not waiting for us but, hey we have fun and so we wanted join in the party.

D, anything you got to say before we start with the contestants?  No. O.K.  So, I guess this walking out on the stage thing is gonna stick.  I thought Simon looked uncomfortable, I don't think he was for this idea, he should have worn a different shirt. 
Danya, "do you know who I love right now?  Jamey Johnson,  You Should Have Seen It In Color.  I Love his voice."  
SS, yea, I have that cd, I really like this song but the cd is a little ahead of me, I should probably give it some air time.  Sometime artist are just ahead of me and I have to listen for a while before I get it.  

OK, so here we go: 

Michael Sarver - "Ain't Goin Down 'Til The Sun Comes Up" 
SS--who can complain, he didn't miss any words.  I just like him, I'm rooting for the oil field Texas boy.  Ooh, scathing, Simon!  I do agree that it is hard to understand all the words but I have heard that in other songs.  I hope he makes it through to the next round.
D--I didn't see him, but after watching the replay I don't think it was that great.

Allison Iraheta - "Blame It On Your Heart"
SS--I love Patty Loveless. She has some mighty perfect pipes, I don't know. . . Patty, pure perfect, Allison, raw energy.  She did good, she rock and rolled that song, it was good.
D--Alison,  I like her, her voice, she 's really good, she's the best 16 year old that has been on the show in a long time.  I like Paula's advice for her to show her vulnerable side.  Yea Patty Loveless, she don't get no respect, where is she these days?

Kris Allen - "To Make You Feel My Love"
SS--I like this kid, I thought he did a good job . . . yea the judges love him!!
D--I like him, he did a good job.  
(ought oh, we both had the same things to say, why weren't we more impressed?  Oh how I wish we had more)

Lil Rounds - "Independence Day" 
SS--oh no, not Martina Mc Bride, . . . well maybe she can pull it off.  
OH say it ain't so . . . no I don't like her performance, again!  This is the second week in a row that I have not been overly impressed with her.  She looks great, beautiful, great stage presence, I think she get the most beautiful award for the night, so far. I seem to be waiting for something more from her.  Maybe I am expecting too much.  I think she stays, in fact last week I went out on a limb and predicted her to be number two.  I may be changing my mind, can we do that on this here AI post party?
D-- she did ok, she wasn't my favorite but she deserves to stay.  Martina is special, I never really thought she was a great great singer but I notice that when people try to sing her songs they can't pull it off.  

Adam Lamber - "Ring Of Fire"
SS--is he like a modern day Elvis?  I mean there something about him in the eyes, reminds me of Elvis.  I don't think Randy Travis' wife thought to much of this rendition.  I would really like to hear what Johnny Cash would say about this.  It felt dirty to me.  If I were a smoker, I would need a cigarette right now.  Whew, I just had to pause it and go outside, man, that just felt dirty, that was just wrong.
D--oh my, I don't know what to say about that, uh, a little scary.  Bleep. . . bleep,(I can't write that on my blog, this is a family show)  I like Johnny Cash!! I don't think you should mess around with Johnny Cash!  He don't know nothing about walking the line, walkin the line is personal, you just don't!  And the tongue thing is starting to freak me out a little bit.  You shouldn't mess with Johnny Cash.  Joaquin Phonix? what happened to him.  People can not act and do music. 
SS--Theatrics and Johnny Cash, who would have thought it. 
D--I think he made a lot of people mad, I don't know, I don't know, well, lets move on, who was next?

Scott McIntyre - "Wild Angels"
SS-Why do Paula and Simon always fight when they are critiquing Scott?  This is my favorite performance of him, I felt like he was soaring in the song, I like his arrangements.  I wasn't surprised to hear that he really puts in a lot of time working on the arrangement.
D--He did better than last week, I agree with the judges, he needs to do something different, maybe a different type of song, he does sound the same.  

Alexis Grace--"Jolene"
SS--First off I love this song, I just think Dolly's voice is pure and clean and I don't know if Alexis can sing this song and it be ok for me.  I think there is some big vocal shoes to fill doing Dolly's Jolene, but that's just me.  Anyway, yea, she did good . . I think she has stage presence. She looks like a star to me, kind of perfect and I must say I don't hear Dolly, I think she made it her own.  Very good.   
D--"I like her, she's little bitty and I just think she's cute. Of course I am going to have this baby in two weeks so,  I'm just saying.

SS-- I'm feeling a little uncomfortable with the contestants talking back to the judges, I think they should really be careful with that.  I'd stick my foot in my mouth if it were me.  I always hate doing that.

SS-I must be going out of my mind but I think Paula is making some sense this year, yea, so she got drunk last week and slurred a few words and made no sense, but she has made some this year and that to me is just good.

Danny Gokey - "Jesus Take The Wheel"
SS--was that a white jacket?  Did I just see a white jacket go by?
Oh it is a white jacket, not liking the jacket, does that make his butt look big?  OK his glasses do match, ( I have a friend who is a glasses fanatic and her glasses match her outfits, too.  Always makes me kind of jealous, I just can't seem to get that together) AND his shoes, AND the stage!  I love him, though, but I am not crazy about this performance.  Oh it must just be me, cause the crowd is lovin' it, hmm, must be better in person.  His smile is reminding me of vince Gill, I do love Vince Gill, he's the best.
D-- yea, the jacket made him look a little full.  I like him, I thought he did a really good job on the song, I think he was a little slow on the beginning but once he got to the chorus, his vocals really soar.
SS--yea but I agree with Randy, that's just not good enough you have to get me in the beginning and keep my interest all the way though.  

SS--OK, I take it back, she's not making any sense, must have had a nip during the commercial.  What is going on with the judges this year, Paula and Simon seem to be agreeing more and Randy and what's her name, oh yea Kara, I called her diana last week, sorry, seem to be on the same team.   

Anoop Desai - "You Were Always On My Mind"
SS--oh yea, now that's some feeling singing.  Definitely his best for him so far.  Beautiful.
D-- Anoop pulled it up.  I was not excited to see him coming up next but then after his performance I thought he was serious, really good.  
The judges said, "tender, honest, amazing, sweet vocals (I thought that was right on) ( see she does make some sense) and "from zero to hero", oh that Simon. he just has a way with words.

Megan Joy - "Walkin After Midnight"
SS--oh no, say it ain't so. . .Walking After Midnight, that's scared ground she was walking on.  I didn't. I closed my eyes to see if I could, but I just didn't.  So where was the Corkery?
DD-- Megan the one with the tattoos, HAHA, I thought she did good, I feel sorry for her that she was sick, but her songs are all the same, one dimensional, either you love them or you don't.  I can't see her lasting to long.

Matt Giraud - "S0 Small"
SS--oh man, I like this guy, he may be my new favorite guy.  This one is the "dark horse" I think he keeps getting better and better.  
DD- I love him He's my favorite, OH MY, Oh He's SO Awesome, from Michale Buble to Justin Timberlake, yea I'm loving this guy.  He just so cute, I like him a lot.

In summary, who do you think will go home
SS - Megan.
D - The rough neck or Megan.

Thanks for coming by, check out BooMama's blog for more AI part fun.
until next week, see ya.


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Sherry said...

I am going to have to watch American Idol, because I am lost....LOL

Amanda May said...

Whoa...I though *I* was an American Idol fan!!
You've got some serious dedication going it! :)

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