Friday, March 27, 2009

The Utilmate Blog Party; 5 Minutes for Mom

So the deal is, these two sisters had a brilliant idea and they are having this HUGE party to connect Moms, grandmoms, moms to be, moms trying to be (I have a special place in heart for you) single gals, and even Dad's through this wonderful, fun, sweet world called blogging (at least my experience has been sweet).  

I'm guessing that we are suppose to introduce ourselves, so Hello, I am a wife to RS, a mom who has raised her three and has had the privilege to be a part of three step children's lives and I am the proud grand mother to 5 with two on the way, baby Grace will be here next week (ooh I'm so excited to meet her) and one that will be here in August.  I am in love with Jesus the most, I guess I should have mentioned Him first.  I love taking pictures of the kids, the family, animals, nature and old stuff and posting them here with writings about what is happening in my life and those around me at the time.  

Also, there are gifts.  Today is the last day to enter, nothing new for me, I am always running behind so I'm not asking for any gifts, I just want to meet new people and learn about others. Thanks for the opportunity to to visit your site.  I hope you feel at home here.  Click on the button on the side and heck it out for yourself. (or check it out, you have no idea how many times I have to edit these things, ahgg.) (Also I need a dictionary on how to spell words that are just sounds?!)  See ya.


Aimee Wilson said...

Hi Jerriann,

Great to meet you through UBP! It's a great party so enjoy.

Savor life's best,

Jennifer said...

Stopping by from UBP. Welcome to the party!

~jen @ j-wag

Shannon said...

Just stopping by from the UBP! What a party it's been!

Amy said...

Nice to meet you! Stopped by via UBP

My SEO Gal said...

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