Saturday, March 28, 2009

we picture {this}

Good morning to all. I have been on a journey of adding stamps to my blog site this week. The latest one is "we picture {this}". It is about photography, one of favorite things, ever. I know that I am not up to their standards, but how else do you learn? Right. So, I am going to follow along with these moms and see if I can learn to be a better photographer.

Click on their button to see all the beautiful, gorgeous pictures they have.

I'm thinking that I need to post a picture here myself, knowing that I am in no way qualified to be in their company but what the heck, here I go.

Camera: Canon Reblel XT
Focal Length:
ISO Speed:

So, that's all I got, this is an older picture that I turned on the black and white feature. The month of March was b&w photos, next month I will follow the instructions and have all the info.

I think I better find a friend with photography knowledge and study up.
Thank you for your time. I'll do better next time.


danya0204 said...

I love the Pic mom!!!!!!!!

Dawn Jenkins said...

DO better next time..are you kidding? I love it! I know a spot in my home with a black frame that picture would feel completely at home =) miss ya!

Haylee Potter said...

That is an amazing picture!!! I love photography too, it is on my to do list~to learn to take better pictures, coming next after mastering the cake decorating thing!!!

kristen+T2 said...

Mom!! I love your photos!!!

Sarah said...

I love this picture. Very peaceful.

From what LITTLE I understand, the trick to becoming a good photographer is taking a LOT of pictures and seeing what works and what doesn't. Isn't it great that we aren't burning film when we do that now?

One of my dear local friends is a photographer. You should check her out:

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